Which is correct at the time or at that time?

They are both correct, but “at that time” has that stilted, official-ese sound that some government employees like to affect when they are talking to the press. “At the time” is what normal people say. Exception: if you are distinguishing between two times, especially between some former time and now, use “that”.

What does at the time of mean?

: when (something) happened It was raining at the time of the accident.

Is it correct to say at this time?

“At this time” is thus normally used when referring to the present time, and “at that time” is used when referring to specific past or future times. HOWEVER, “this” can also be used to refer to something being discussed in the present context, even if the subject of the discussion is far away in place or time.

What is another way to say at that time?

What is another word for at that time?

then at that point
at that point in time at that moment
on that occasion

Where do we use in and at?

How to Use Preposition in English Grammar (On, At, In, Of, For)

  • On : On (refers a surface of something)- I kept the dishes on the dining table.
  • At : At (to indicate a place)- There are a good number of people at the park.
  • In : In (to indicate a location)- I am in my friend’s place now.
  • To :
  • Of :
  • For :

What is the meaning of at that point?

This phrase refers to a particular time when an event or circumstance occurred, as opposed to “now” (see at this point). [

How do you use at times?

You use at times to say that something happens or is true on some occasions or at some moments.

  1. The debate was highly emotional at times.
  2. At times she had an overwhelming desire to see him.
  3. He went on listening to her, at times impatient and at times fascinated.

How do you say one at a time?


  1. apart.
  2. independently.
  3. one at a time.
  4. one by one.
  5. particularly.
  6. respectively.
  7. separately.
  8. severally.

Where do we use at that time?

To use “at” in relation to clock time, you simply use the word followed by the time. For example: “Her train is arriving at 8 o’ clock.” “We had lunch at 11:30.”

How do you use in that time?

“at that time” or “in that time” Here is the example sentence: In the summer in Beijing it is always hot, even during the Qing Dynasty. People in/at that time did not have air conditioning, so they… Consider “of that time”.

What is another word for at this point?

What is another word for at this point?

now immediately
at this juncture at this moment
on the double at this point in time
here at this time
at this stage right off

How do you use at in a sentence?

Example Sentences Using “At”

  1. I sat at my table and cried. (
  2. Let’s meet at 11:45.
  3. The car will stop at the curb.
  4. The dog scratched at the screen.
  5. Their wedding was at the town hall.
  6. There were tens of thousands of people at JLo’s latest concert.
  7. They laughed at all his jokes.
  8. The tiger lunged at the monkey.