Who are the commentators on TSN?

Bob McKenzie. With more than 40 years of experience covering hockey, TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie is the definitive authority on breaking news and analysis from every corner of the hockey world.

  • Darren Dreger.
  • James Duthie.
  • Darren Dutchyshen.
  • Jennifer Hedger.
  • Rod Smith.
  • Kate Beirness.
  • Chris Schultz.
  • Where is Kristen Shilton?

    NHL Writer Prior to joining ESPN in October 2021, Shilton covered the Toronto Maple Leafs across all of TSN’s platforms.

    Who hosts TSN Leafs Lunch?

    Leafs Lunch is a sportstalk show on TSN 1050 and simulcasted on TSN4. It is currently hosted by Julia Tocheri and Michael Distefano….Leafs Lunch.

    Genre Sports talk
    Starring Julia Tocheri and Michael Distefano
    Website https://tsn.ca/leafslunch/

    Who owns Sportsnet and TSN?

    It is part of the Bell Media media empire. One week ago, Bell Media’s parent company Bell Media purchased 30-place CTV Television Network, 29 specialty channels, including TSN, RDS, and Super a, as well as a handful of pay TV products, including Play TV and The Movie Network.

    How old is Lindsay Hamilton TSN?

    31 years (September 1, 1990)Lindsay Hamilton / Age

    Is Kristen Shilton leaving TSN?

    This is my last day at TSN. I’m so grateful for these last five years. Covering the #Leafs literally changed my life. I’ve worked with the most incredible people.

    How old is Julia tocheri?

    23 years old
    Tocheri is only 23 years old, which means that, combined with 27-year-old co-host Michael DiStefano, the talent on the show is the approximate age of the average sports radio listener in Toronto.

    Why is Andi Petrillo leaving TSN?

    Andi Petrillo, who has talked about the Maple Leafs as much as anyone on the planet in her time on the air, has decided to take a break. This week, the Toronto native stepped down after more than five years as host of TSN Radio’s “Leafs Lunch” — to focus on her other two jobs, and simply take care of life.

    What happened to Andy from Leafs Lunch?

    On February 18, 2016, it was announced that Petrillo joined TSN as the new radio voice for Leafs Lunch on TSN 1050, finally becoming the first-ever woman in Canada to have her own daily sports talk radio show. On September 14, 2021, Petrillo announced that she was stepping down from the radio show.

    Is Sportsnet bigger than TSN?

    85% of Canadians watch sports each month (okay, that’s actually interesting), TSN is the most watched specialty channel, TSN’s audience is 62% larger than Sportsnet’s, TSN2 is the third most watched sports channel, football and Olympic ratings were great, lots of people watched the NHL last time they played and tennis …