Who does setsuna end up with in White Album 2?

After much persuasion, Touma decides to join the Light Music Club for Setsuna. After various ups and downs, the two confess their love for each other and consummate their Love during the final night. It is also revealed that Haruki written the song Todokanai Koi for Touma.

Is White Album 2 a sequel?

White Album 2 (ホワイトアルバム2, Howaito Arubamu 2) is a trilogy of Japanese adult visual novels developed by the visual novel company Leaf for the Microsoft Windows PC, and is the sequel to Leaf’s earlier visual novel, White Album.

Is White Album 2 GOOD?

White Album 2 is one of the absolute most critically acclaimed visual novels of all time, currently sitting at #2 on Erogamescape and #5 on VNDB among other things at the time of writing this, and it is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful love stories ever told.

Does Haruki end up with setsuna?

At the end of her True Ending in coda, she marries Haruki that now makes her Setsuna Kitahara (北原 雪菜 Kitahara Setsuna).

What happen to setsuna?

He finally lost his final battle against Setsuna; and he was about to suicide (according to what Bushido stated). However he hesitated when remembering Setsuna’s final words to him: “I will fight to live on”. At the end he did not hate or despise Setsuna and called his fate link with him as an unavoidable destiny.

Is White Album 1 and 2 connected?

There is little direct relation between White Album 1 and 2. They are in the same series and have some similar themes, but the plots are unrelated and all the characters are new (as well as a different writer).

Are White Album 1 and 2 related?

What happens to setsuna at the end?

What did setsuna become?

Even in the beginning, Tieria disapproved of Setsuna’s being chosen to become a Gundam Meister for his extremely young age.

What happened to setsuna and Marina?

Marina is now a blind and elderly woman. After wondering nearly a lifetime about Setsuna, he finally makes his appearance. After joining the ELS, Setsuna hasn’t aged at all, maintaining his youthful 23 year old form, while technically 73 years old.