Who has played Sophie Webster?

Brooke VincentSophie Webster / Played byBrooke Levi Vincent is an English actress, known for her portrayal of Sophie Webster in the ITV soap-opera Coronation Street, which she played from 2004 to 2019. Wikipedia

What happened to Sophie and Rosie Webster?

Vincent returned as Sophie on-screen on 6 February 2017, along with sister Rosie, after actress Flanagan agreed to reprise her role back in October 2016. Vincent left the show in 2019 when she went on maternity leave, with Sophie’s final scenes airing in October of that year.

What happened to Sophie Webster in Coronation Street?

In tonight’s episode of Coronation Street (Monday, January 2022) Sally Metcalfe mentions that Sophie has broken her wrist in a moped accident in Crete, which is a Greek Island.

How old is Sophie Webster?

Brooke Vincent has spent her whole young-adult life playing Sophie Webster in Coronation Street. The 27-year-old actress joined the Manchester soap back in 2004 as the youngest of the Webster clan.

Who plays Sophie in Coronation Street?

Brooke VincentSophie Webster / Played by

Who gets custody of Rosie and Sophie?

Sally won custody of Rosie and Sophie and briefly rented Number 6, before moving back into No. 13 when Kevin disappeared. He came back after 6 weeks having had a breakdown.

How old is Rosie Coronation Street?

Helen Flanagan, 27, is a British model and soap actress. Born and raised in Manchester, she is best known for playing Rosie Webster in Coronation Street but has also appeared on reality tv and panel shows.

Why has Sophie left Coronation Street?

Coronation Street star Brooke Vincent has confirmed she’s leaving the ITV soap, in order to focus on being a mother to her two children Mexx and Monroe. This comes after people assumed she might be reprising her role as Sophie Webster, after initially leaving in 2019 after welcoming her first son.

When did Sally and Kevin split?

They divorce in 1999 and Kevin refuses to allow Sally to take the girls back to live with her. She gave him residency while she found somewhere for her and the girls to live.

Did Greg steal Sallys money?

After stealing business contacts from Mike’s computer at the factory, Greg took Sally’s money and launched his own company.