Who is Kalluto based on?

5 Kalluto Was Inspired By Another Anime Character According to Togashi himself, Kalluto’s design was inspired by Hotaru Tomoe (Sailor Saturn).

Who is Kalluto brother?

Killua Zoldyck
Kalluto Zoldyck is a villain from the manga and anime, Hunter x Hunter. He is the youngest child of the Zoldyck family, a family of assassins. He is the younger brother of Killua Zoldyck and Illumi Zoldyck. He also replaces Hisoka as a member of the Phantom Troupe.

Who is stronger than Kalluto?

10 Weaker Than Killua: Kalluto Zoldyck However, when compared to Killua, Kalluto isn’t as special. Killua’s abilities far surpass those of Kalluto, and moreover, his potential ceiling is much higher as well. As a result, Killua is, and will probably always be, a much stronger fighter than Kalluto Zoldyck.

Why does Kalluto look like a girl?

During the Chimera Ant arc, Kalluto’s kimono is black with white and violet edges. He has an overall feminine appearance, which has led him to be mistaken for a girl. When he was younger, he wore a sweater and pants like the rest of his siblings.

Why did Kalluto join the Phantom Troupe?

Apparently, he wanted to “save Killua” from something. Or something like that.

Who was Kalluto trying to save?

During the episode arc where the chimera ants were storming meteor city kalluto made a comment how joining the phantom troupe was in order to save his brother, and it flashes to a family portrait of the zolydlk family.

Is Ging stronger than Silva?

2 Stronger: Ging Freecss According to Netero, Ging is one of the five strongest Nen users in the world currently. Although most of his abilities remain a mystery to the fans, Ging being stronger than Silva wouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

Which Chimera Ant was gyro?

For fans wondering where Gyro was headed in this shot, Welfin, a chimera ant who stayed loyal to Gyro through his transformation, offers fans the answer.