Who is Mr Pena?

About. Daniel S. Peña Sr., or Dan Peña, is known as the Trillion Dollar Man®. He is the Founder of the Quantum Leap Advantage (QLA) Methodology, Founder and Chairman of The Guthrie Group; Founder, Former CEO, Chairman of the Board of Great Western Resources Inc.; Co-Founder, Former CEO, Chairman of the Board of J.P.K.

How old is Dan Pena?

76 years (August 10, 1945)Dan Peña / Age

How much is Dan Pena course?

This is done using Dan’s incredibly exclusive QLA seminar in his castle in Angus, Scotland. He only allows in 24 people in, and the seminar comes at a price of $25,000-30,000 per person.

Does Dan Pena have Instagram?

Dan Peña – Trillion Dollar Man (@danspena) • Instagram photos and videos.

How did Pena make his money?

Dan Pe*a eventually made his money through a series of companies he founded and ran after serving in the military. After JPK Industries, he founded Great Western Resources Inc, which eventually reached $450 million in revenues. After starting The Guthrie Group, he subsequently founded his own consulting firm.

Is Dan Peña a billionaire?

The flamboyant Mexican-American businessman is affectionately known as the “$50 Billion Man,” which refers to the unique business strategy he created, but Pena’s actual net worth is closer to $500 million.

What happened to Dan Pena?

Longtime Corpus Christi radio host Dan Pena died on Wednesday after a brief illness, according to his family and radio station KSAB-FM Tejano 99.9. He was 59. Pena retired in December after more than 40 years in broadcasting, including 25 on the air at KSAB-FM Tejano 99.9, following a leave due to medical issues.

Is Dan Pena worth a trillion?

How did Dan Pena make his money?

Is Dan Pena rich?

Having a net worth of $450 million, Dan Pena is a successful businessman. The $50 billion man has been nicknamed Pena for his business acumen. His Quantum Leap Advantage strategy is directed at companies in the building industry.

What happen to Dan Pena KSAB?