Who is singing in Target Commercial 2021?

The campaign, which builds on our “What We Value Most Shouldn’t Cost More,” campaign, debuts today and features a remake of The Emotions’ song “Best of My Love” produced and performed by the Black Pumas with Sofia Reyes.

Who is the singer in the Target commercial?

Target Holiday Commercial – I Feel Love Released in early November, Target’s first Holiday commercial tells viewers they’re ‘Thinking of You’ with the help of a cover song recorded by English singer Sam Smith.

What song is used in the new Target commercial?

The song featured in Target’s “What We Value Most” commercial is a powerful yet mellow track titled “Colors” by Black Pumas.

What commercial uses the song Colors?

Including the lyrics “All my favorite colors”, the song playing in the background of this current Target commercial is a track titled ‘Colors’ that was released in 2019 by the Texas-based psychedelic soul and R&B band Black Pumas.

Who is the thick lady in the Target commercial?

In the commercials, local actress Maria Bamford plays a slightly demented, feverishly obsessed fan of Target’s Black Friday deals.

What commercial is the song feel it still in?

More Stories by Xander The Man’s hit “Feel It Still” debuts at No. 1 on Billboard & Clio’s Top TV Commercials chart, powered by Shazam, for June, after the song’s appearance in Apple iPad Pro’s “On Any Given Wednesday” commercial.

Who sings in the new Target commercial 2020?

R&B singer-songwriter and actress Mary J. Blige provides this Holiday 2020 Target commercial song with her single ‘Real Love’.

What song is played on target commercial?

There are two current Target commercials with popular songs in them. One is “Brand New Day” by Tim Myers and featuring Lindsay Rey. The other one, played in the commercial featuring the girls dancing while decoratiing their dorm room, is Calabria. The song is by Enur and the singer’s name is Natasja. add a comment.

What are some commercial songs?


  • Allstate
  • Ameriprise
  • Ameriquest
  • Apple
  • AT
  • Buick
  • Burger King
  • Cadillac
  • California Raisins
  • What is the new Target commercial song?

    Target TV Commercial, ‘Thinking of You’ Song by Sam Smith. Target has something for all the “seasons’ greeters” — from the thanks-givers to the midnight snackers, the family historians to the tradition-twisters, and even the mistletoe-dodgers to the midnight snackers.

    Who sings the song on the target commercial?

    Who Sings The Target Commercials Theme Song? The song being sung in the spring 2011 Target commercial is “Early Bird” by Shirley Temple. The version that you hear on the commercial is a remix that was made exclusively for Target. It is unlikely that you will find it on an MP3 for sale as Target holds all commercial rights to the remix.