Who originally sang Happy Trails?

Roy Rogers and Dale Evans
“Happy Trails” is a song by Roy Rogers and wife Dale Evans, known as the theme song for the 1940s and 1950s radio program and the 1950s television show in which they starred….Happy Trails (song)

“Happy Trails”
Single by Roy Rogers and Dale Evans
Label RCA Victor
Songwriter(s) Dale Evans

Who wrote Happy Trails?

Dale EvansHappy Trails / LyricistDale Evans Rogers was an American actress, singer, and songwriter. She was the third wife of singing cowboy Roy Rogers. Wikipedia

How do you spell Happy Trails?

The name of the song was based on the fact that Roy often signed his autographs “Happy trails, Roy Rogers,” with happy trails being a folksy way of wishing some well (cf., safe travels, bon voyage).

What year did Happy Trails come out?

Happy Trails (album)

Happy Trails
Released March 29, 1969
Recorded 1968
Venue Fillmore West, San Francisco; Fillmore East, New York City
Studio Golden State Recorders, San Francisco

What TV show had the song Happy Trails?

The Roy Rogers Show
“Happy Trails” is the closing theme song for the 1950s television series The Roy Rogers Show (performed over the closing credits)….Happy Trails.

Written by Dale Evans
Date 1950
Publisher Famous Music LLC

How do you use happy trail in a sentence?

As Nancy rides off into retirement on her new horse, Taj, we wish her happy trails. : : Happy trails to you, until we meet again.

What does Expression Happy Trails mean?

best wishes, good luck
Interjection. happy trails! An expression of good wishes for somebody’s future: best wishes, good luck.

What does the saying happy trails to you mean?

Happy trails is a particular US and western expression of goodwill to someone departing. Its a bit like godspeed — with all the good will implicit in that kind of expression.

What does a happy trail on your stomach mean?

Now? The happy trail. For the uninitiated, the retro, some may say dated term, refers to a bristly line of abdominal hair leaning towards the pubic region.