Why does my Davey pump keep running?

Watch out: a damaged, jammed, or improperly-set pressure control switch that is calling for a pressure that is above the pump’s capacity will cause the pump to run continuously and is likely to burn-up the pump motor. Clogged pressure sensor or switch pressure sensing tubing can cause improper switch performance.

Are Davey pumps good?

Davey is a very well known Australian water products manufacturing company and is one of the most highly respected brands in the world. Davey Pumps boast a longstanding reputation for outstanding quality, durability and reliable performance.

How do you adjust the pressure on a Davey pump?

Adjustment of Pressure Switch 1) Switch off pump and unplug it from power point. 2) Remove pressure switch cap. 3) Turn Adjusting screw, (A) 1/2 turn anticlockwise. 4) Replace cap and switch on pump.

Where are Davey pumps made?

The endurance of Davey products is a testament to how – and where – they’re built. The majority of manufacturing is undertaken locally here in Australia, but all Davey products – both for residential and business – are shipped to over 50 countries around the world.

Why does my water tank pump keep turning on and off?

A blockage in the water supply piping. For example, a clogged or nearly clogged water filter can cause the pump control to cycle on and off rapidly. This is because the blockage causes water pressure (between the pump and the filter) to rise very rapidly when the pump turns on.

Is there a reset button on Davey pumps?

The Torrium2 module fitted to your Davey pump is provided with a push button “Prime” button. This button is used during initial priming of the pump and also acts as a reset button if the Torrium2 switches out in pump protection mode.

Where are Davey water pumps made?

Why does my pressure pump cut-in and out?

How do you reset a Davey pump?

Release prime button and switch off power for 1 minute to allow unit to reset. 4. Your Torrium2 has detected high water temperature in the pump. Once the water has cooled the Torrium2 will automatically restart the pump.