Are backsplashes going out of style?

Skinny backsplashes are out of style, we are happy to report. A ceramic tile or glass backsplash that stretches from counter to cabinets is much easier to keep clean, and is more likely to catch spills and splatters.

Are Splashbacks better than tiles?

Tiles have their advantages too The durability of some splashbacks out there also raises the question of whether tiles are the better option for the long term. Whilst many are strong and will last a long time, glass splashbacks in particular are prone to breaking much easier than tile.

Are tiled splashbacks hard to keep clean?

Are tile splashbacks difficult to keep clean and maintain? Tiles present a greater challenge when it comes to general upkeep and cleanliness. Grease and other food materials can easily get stuck within the tile grout, making it difficult to maintain.

What is the most popular backsplash now?

White kitchen backsplashes are among the most popular and preferred options for all kitchen types and they will remain their popularity also in 2022. From classic white subway tiles to modern hexagons, white backsplashes come in an endless variety of styles, shapes, patterns, and texture options!

What are the best tiles for a Hamptons kitchen splashback?

Choosing these as your Hamptons kitchen tiles will also create lovely texture, especially if you go with a bevelled edge tile or a tile with a slight ripple effect. When it comes to the colour scheme of Hamptons kitchen splashback tiles, white continues to prevail, but darker hues are becoming increasingly common as a way to create drama.

What are the classic features of a Hamptons kitchen?

Five Classic Traits Of Hamptons Kitchens. 1 1. Keep It Light and Bright. Hamptons kitchens are meant to keep your space uplifted and reminiscent of days spent by the coast. Light, elevating 2 2. Use Shaker Cabinetry. 3 3. Tile Or Marble Splash-back. 4 4. Nautical Lighting. 5 5. Butlers Kitchen Sink.

How to choose the best kitchen splashback pattern?

To create interesting and distinctive design elements for your kitchen then you should choose a subway tile kitchen splashback pattern. The subway-style type of tiles you prefer is always classy, gentle and gives a great look to your kitchen.

What is the best type of flooring for a Hamptons kitchen?

If your budget allows, you can opt for real timber floorboards that give a great look for your Hamptons kitchen. A washed or weathered timber with an oak colour will definitely do better. If it seems to be expensive then you have the option of engineered floating floorboards or vinyl flooring with a weathered timber look.