Can anyone use the Melbourne Uni library?

Visiting our libraries in person: If you are a University of Melbourne student or staff member or visitor who meets the University’s vaccination requirements you can place holds on items and pick them up from the hold shelf of our libraries. Please check our Library Opening Hours for details on opening dates and hours.

What is a non allowed subject Unimelb?

Usually ‘non-allowed subjects’ are: • Other subjects with a strong enough overlap in material with the subject in question, such that there would be little educational value in studying both. This also includes subjects that have changed name and/or code over the years, since this would be a 100% overlap in material.

Can I eat in Unimelb library?

Can I eat in the Library? Snacks & drinks with lids are ok but anything smelly or messy needs to be eaten outside.

Can I study two degrees at the same time Unimelb?

Yes. You must meet the enrolment requirements for each course individually. This means you must be enrolled in at least one subject in each course in each half-year period, or apply for a leave of absence for any half-year period where you do not intend to enrol in subjects.

Is Melb Uni library open to the public?

All our libraries are open to all visitors, including members of the public, who meet the University’s COVID-19 vaccine requirements . Please visit our Library Opening Hours for opening dates and times.

What does CBD mean Deakin?

Community-Based Delivery
Community-Based Delivery (CBD) CBD courses and units, like Deakin’s Institute of Koorie Education (IKE), combine on and off-campus teaching to help Indigenous Australian students undertake their studies without missing any family or community obligations.

What is subject waiver?

A “Waiver of a course” means that the faculty accepts prior work by the student was satisfactory to meet a program course requirement. The waiver excuses the student from taking the required course, but does not lessen the credits required for graduation.

Can you eat in the UTAS library?

Yes, you may bring and consume snack foods and (non-alcoholic) drinks in the Library. For your safety and the health of others, always keep food and drink away from books, computer keyboards, copiers, printers and scanners.

Can I be enrolled in 2 universities at once Australia?

You can only enrol concurrently if you have approval from the relevant associate deans, or if it is an approved part of a combined or double degree. When concurrently enrolled, your total study load across both degrees can’t exceed a full-time study load.

Can I do double major in university of Melbourne?

Can I do a double major? Not all courses offer the option of a double major. Where possible, completion of a second major is not a compulsory requirement but will allow you to develop specialised knowledge across two disciplines. Be aware that this will restrict flexibility of elective options in your course.

Can I apply for the non-school leaver entry pathway if I have TAFE?

If you have completed a TAFE qualification during the past seven years this may not preclude your eligibility for the non-school leaver entry pathway – please get in touch with us to confirm. All Access Melbourne applicants who meet our non-school leaver criteria must also satisfy the academic requirements outlined below:

What courses can I apply to as a non-school leaver?

As a non-school leaver applicant you may apply to the following undergraduate courses: Bachelor of Science. *Additional application requirements must be satisfied to be eligible for course selection.

Can a non-school leaver apply for the Diploma in general studies?

Please note that that the Access Melbourne non-school leaver category does not provide applicants with an entry point to the Diploma in General Studies, the University’s Chancellor’s Scholars programs, or our Graduate Degree Packages. What course prerequisites do I need to meet?

Who was the first librarian at the University of Melbourne?

About the University Library When the University of Melbourne was established in 1853 the role of University Librarian was held by Mr John Frederic James, who also served as Registrar and University Secretary. Strategy, planning and quality Information is a strategic asset for the University of Melbourne.