Can you do an ATF Form 4 online?

Well, that time is now – ATF Form 4 submissions are now electronic! Previously, the Form 4 was a paper-based form that had to be snail-mailed to the ATF. Thankfully, electronic Form 4 submissions are now back and available for everyone to use.

Can you eFile a Form 4 trust?

Can you eFile a Form 4 as a Trust? Yes! eForms allows you to eFile as a Trust, Corporation, or Individual.

How long are Electronic Form 4 taking?

Per the ATF, an eForm 4 is expected to be approved in 90 days.

How much does a Form 4 cost?

The ATF Form 4 allows the transfer of both Any Other Weapons (AOW’s) on a $5 tax and other things like silencers, short barrel rifles, and shotguns on the $200 tax.

Does silencer shop do Form 4?

I prefer paper applications, does Silencer Shop process paper Form 4s? Yes, paper applications are still available. By default, all orders facilitated by Silencer Shop will be electronically submitted to the ATF as an eForm 4.

How long does it take for form 4 to be approved?

between about 250-370 days
Right now, expect any form 4 application to take between about 250-370 days to process and an e-filed Form 1 to take about a month.

Are ATF eForms faster?

In 2021, ATF Form 4 paper processing times averaged 7-10+ months. With the new electronic eForm 4 services, you’ll get your suppressors, SBRs, and other NFA items faster. According to the ATF, the new eForms is targeting an approval window of 90 days.

Why does ATF Form 4 take so long?

ATF Form 4 Wait Times At the time of this writing, individual Form 4’s are transferring a couple of months faster than for trusts. This is likely due to the internal division of labor in the ATF and the fact that most NFA items transfer on trusts.

Who fills out Form 4?

Items in 3 and 4 are typically filled out by your SOT/Class 3 dealer. 3a-c. Transferor’s Name and Address. This is filled out by your SOT/Class 3 dealer.

Why does Form 4 take so long?

How do I complete an ATF Form 4 application?

eForms Currently Available. ATF Forms 1,2,3,5,6,6A,9,10 and 5300.11 are available for eForms submission.

  • Imports eForms.
  • NFA eForms: Filed by an individual or entity to get approval to make and register an NFA firearm.
  • Annual Firearms Manufacturing and Exportation Report
  • Additional Registration Steps.
  • Ask the Experts.
  • Status Checks.
  • Can the ATF expedite a form 1 or Form 4?

    ATF also has a policy they will expedite a form 1 or 4 for a military person that’s deploying. Send them a copy of your orders and it also gets fast tracked. Yes they can! I didn’t believe it but my Form 4 was in approved in 52 days.

    How to fill out a form 4?


  • Address
  • Social Security number
  • Marital status
  • Any additional amount you want to be withheld for each paycheck
  • Whether you are claiming exemption from withholding
  • Your employer’s name and address
  • Your first date of employment
  • Your employer identification number
  • Can you use Mercon instead of ATF 4?

    Only use the ATF+4 in these transmissions. Do not use Dexron or Mercon. Several companies now sell “universal” fluids. If they state that they are compatible with ATF+4?, they may work well, especially for those unsure of which fluid to use.