Can you download War Thunder Skins?

Find a website where you can download custom skins from. is a popular choice as it has an extensive library that you can search and filter. Find one that suits your tastes and download it. Once the file is downloaded, navigate to your War Thunder main install file.

How do you get player skins in War Thunder?

Installing a custom skin

  1. In-game, click on the customization options for your chosen vehicle.
  2. Click the wand tool labeled “Create a user skin sample files in the game folder”
  3. Go to your War Thunder folder: Local Disk (C:) > Program Files (x86) > Steam > steamapps > Common > War Thunder.

Can you see custom skins in War Thunder?

Custom skins retrieved on the internet are not visible because you would need everyone to download that skin, just to see you. And they won’t even know they are downloading something, that could be a problem. Also, there is already an option to enable/disable fictional skins in WarThunder.

How do you mod War Thunder?

Follow these steps:

  1. Download the mod.
  2. Open the mod pack using WinRar or other extraction apps.
  3. Extract the contents folder or the contents of the . zip or . rar file to the War Thunder installation directory.
  4. If the mod doesn’t come in a . zip or . rar file, simply copy and paste the folder to the install directory.

How do you add custom camo in War Thunder?

If you want to set a camouflage from the War Thunder LIVE portal, just delete the entire contents of the folder, then download the unique camouflage you like from and copy the contents of the archive to the folder.

How do I install War Thunder Mods?

How do you get camo in War Thunder?

How to get a tank camouflage that actually works

  1. Go to the customization menu of your tank.
  2. Get rid of your decals.
  3. Choose either Saudi Arabian or Mauritanian flag (these two have the best shade of green).
  4. Blow it up so that it covers the whole tank, then enable ‘two-sidedness”.

Can other people see your custom skins in league?

They can modify the champion textures and other aspects of the user interface like the HUD and even the map. However, most of these modifications are only local to your machine. Other players will not be able to see your custom skins.

How do you get decals in War Thunder?

You can find these decals in the “Weeks latest” section in the customization tab, after which they will be available to their owners in the thematic sections of vehicle customization.