Can you save the white Balverine?

You’ll have to battle it, but you won’t be able to kill it yet. You’ll just have to hit it ten times to drive it off.

Is Reaver a Balverine?

After facing four rounds, the Wheel chooses Balverines, at which point most of Reaver’s guests are revealed to be Balverines in disguise and have some sort of bargain with Reaver which he announces, after they attack the Hero and Page, that they are “even”.

How much health does a white Balverine have?


Name Health Experience
Balverine 500 20
Weak Balverine 250 20
White Balverine 3000 120

Who voices the Guildmaster in fable?

Hugo Myatt
The Guildmaster is voiced by Hugo Myatt, who is fondly remembered for his role as Treguard the Dungeon Master in the British children’s adventure game series Knightmare in the 1980s, famous for such phrases as: “Ooh, Nasty!” and, strangely enough, “Life Force Energy Critical!”

How do I get into Knothole Glade?

There is also a Demon Door located in Knothole Glade. It is found in a secluded path south of the shooting range. It requires the player to shoot an arrow at his face. If the shot is strong enough, the Demon Door will open.

How many rounds are in the arena fable?

eight rounds
The Arena consists of eight rounds. In each of them, the Hero will face four rounds of enemy creatures, aside from the last three rounds.

Is Hero of Oakvale dead?

Fable II. In Fable II, after 500 years, the Hero of Oakvale is dead. He doesn’t make any appearances in the game, but is mentioned in some books and stories. The Hero is said to have wielded the Sword of Aeons, yet in the Chamber of Fate, it shows him taking the good choice by casting it away.

How old is Reaver Fable?

How old is Reaver fable? During Fable II, Reaver is revealed to be over two hundred years old. He sold the population of Oakvale to the Shadow Court, in return for etenal youth. He must make a sacrifice every few years to maintain this deal.

Where do I get silver augmentation in fable?


  • Places to Purchase Silver Augmentations. Hook Coast. Snowspire Village (TLC/Anniversary)
  • Places to find Silver Augmentations. Old Graveyard Path — in chest near exit. During the quest The White Balverine. Bargate Prison path.

How do you open the Knothole Glade demon door?