Does polymerization of styrene require a radical initiator?

PS is one of the few vinyl monomers that can be polymerized at moderate temperatures without the addition of free radical initiators.

What type of polymerization reaction will occur in the formation of polystyrene?

Addition Polymerisation Reaction. Polystyrene is produced in an addition polymerisation reaction from styrene monomers. The reaction is highly exothermic, the heat of reaction for the polymerisation is -121 kJ mol-1 (at 25oC).

How do you polymerize styrene?

Styrene readily polymerizes to polystyrene by a relatively conventional free radical chain mechanism. Either heat or initiators will begin the polymerization. Initiators thermally decompose, thereby forming active free radicals that are effective in starting the polymerization process.

What molecules can undergo radical polymerization?

A variety of organic molecules including alkenes, alkynes, and alkanes undergo polymerization to high molecular weight products under these conditions. The propagation mechanisms appear to involve both ionic and radical species.

What causes styrene to polymerize?

First of all, the styrene polymerization reaction is relatively highly exothermic with a heat generation at around 71 kJ·mol–1. (10) At the same time, even without an initiator, two styrene molecules will undergo a Diels–Alder type of reaction and generate radicals to start self-polymerization upon heating.

How does styrene become polystyrene?

The Basics: When styrene molecules become linked together into a polymer, polystyrene is created. Polystyrene is an inert plastic that can be used to make many products, such as polystyrene foam used to make disposable plates, cups and other foodservice packaging products.

How does polymerization reaction take place for polystyrene synthesis?

Polystyrene is created via the polymerization of styrene – a petroleum based, liquid hydrocarbon monomer. In this three-step synthesis, styrene is formed via the radical bromination of ethylbenzene and the elimination reaction of (1-bromo-ethyl)benzene.

How is polystyrene synthesized?

Which polymerization is used in manufacture of polystyrene from styrene?

Polystyrene is made in a process known as suspension polymerization. After styrene is produced by combining ethylene and benzene, it is merged with water and a mucilaginous substance to form droplets of polystyrene.