How can I check my enrollment status in ICSI?

1. Go to . 2. Click on Exam Enrollment Status Link.

What is ICSI user ID?

Note: User ID is the first registered course registration number in ICSI. For example: 1. If you have ever registered in foundation course of ICSI then foundation registration number will be your User Id.

What is the password for smash ICSI?

Password format should meet mentioned criteria on screen. e.g Student@123 , Password1! Now , User will be able to log in with foundation registration number if pursued foundation course from ICSI else Executive registration number will be treated as user name and use password (created as above).

What is unique ID in ICSI?

The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) on Tuesday said it will roll out a new feature, Unique Document Identification Number (UDIN), which will help in ensuring better compliance as well as prevent counterfeiting of various certifications and attestations done by company secretaries.

How many attempts are allowed for CS?

Q. How many attempts are allowed for CS programme? For CS executive, 10 attempts are allowed. For CS Foundation, 6 attempts are allowed while 10 attempts are allowed for CS professional.

How can I download ICSI ID card?

Go to or 2. Click on login Button. 3. Now enter your Username & password 4.

How do I find my ICSI username and password?

  1. Visit on Institute’s website
  2. Click on Login (top right side of your screen)
  3. Click on Student Login.
  4. Type your registration number in Username (17 digit registration number)
  5. Click on Reset password (students only)
  6. Enter your all details (i.e. your programme, Gender, DOB, Pin Code etc.)

How can I get ICSI firm name?

  1. Credit Hours to Members.
  2. Firm Name Approval / Search for PCS.
  3. Grant of Certificate of Practice.
  4. Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008.
  5. Trade or Firm Name to require Councils approval.
  6. Constitution or Reconstitution of the Firm should be Approved by the Council.

What is subscription to chartered secretary?

Effective from 01-04-2012 the per copy subscription rate of Chartered Secretary Journal is now Rs. 100/- and the annual subscription for 12 issues of the journal is Rs. 1000/-. For students of the ICSI the annual subscription is Rs. 500/-.

What is EDP training in CS?

Regulations 2020, students are required to complete One month Executive. Development Programme (EDP) prior to commencing 21 months Practical. training. Out of one month, students may undergo 15 Days EDP through. online mode (e-mode) and 15 Days EDP through classroom mode.

How can I get registration number after Cseet registration?

How can i know that my registeration for cseet is confirmed?

  1. Go to (//
  2. Click on exam enrollment status link.
  3. Enter the registration number in that particular box.
  4. Click on go button.

What is registration fee for CS Executive?

Rs. 8,500
Only the eligible candidates can register for the CS executive 2021 program as per the guidelines of ICSI….CS Executive Registration 2021: CS Registration Fee for June 2021.

Details Category-wise fees Total fees
Overall registration fee Rs. 8,500
Pre-Examination Test Fee Rs. 1,000 Rs. 9500