How did Lee Trevino learn golf?

Trevino was introduced to golf when his uncle gave him a few golf balls and an old golf club. He then spent his free time sneaking into nearby country clubs to practice and began as a caddie at the Dallas Athletic Club, near his home. He soon began caddying full-time. Trevino left school at age 14 to go to work.

Can Lee Trevino speak Spanish?

Interestingly, although his ancestors immigrated to Texas from Mexico, his mother didn’t speak Spanish and neither can Lee. His life as a poor golf bum reads like the script from Tin Cup. He grew up around a lot of drinking, carousing and golf wagering, although he bet very little himself on account of being so poor.

What grip did Lee Trevino use?

Trevino’s right hand is a bit underneath the handle, with the “V” between his right thumb and forefinger aimed at his right shoulder. The left hand isn’t quite so strong, turned just a touch away from the target. By any description, Trevino’s grip was certainly effective.

How far did Arnold Palmer Drive?

3,305 yards
“He just stared back at me and said, ‘No, suh, you hit dat 2 iron fat,’” Palmer says. His ace distances range from 122 to 245 yards for a total of 3,305 yards or about 1.8 miles of unbroken magic. He’s had aces in 11 different states, two countries, during six months with every standard club except driver and putter.

Are there any Mexican pro golfers?

Ochoa has 30 professional wins, 27 of which came on the LPGA tour. Ochoa was also the number one ranked player in the Women’s World Golf Rankings from April 2007 to May 2010, when she retired from the sport. Another great golfer from Mexico is Alejandra Llaneza who has two professional wins.

Should I choke down on my 3 wood?

Consider Choking Down on the Club What is this? It’s easier to control shorter clubs, so going down an inch on your 3 wood will help you manage the club better throughout the swing. As with all other changes to your game, it’s important to practice this technique before you put it into action on the course.

How far should you choke down on a golf club?

In general, start by choking up one inch on the club and see how it affects your shot shape and distance. Then, try out another inch. The more you grip down on the club, the closer you will need to stand to make up for it but otherwise, no real adjustment is needed.

How do you hit a burning wedge?

Take your normal setup, with the left (lead) foot slightly open to the target line. Grip down on the club and position the ball in the middle of your stance. Stand slightly closer to the ball than usual. This will make your swing steeper and generate a descending blow.