How do I add a JSON object to another JSON object?

Use Spread syntax to add JSON object to another JSON object in JavaScript. And use the push() method to add a JSON array at end of an array.

What is put in JSON?

The put methods add or replace values in an object. For example, myString = new JSONObject(). put(“JSON”, “Hello, World!”). toString();

How do you create a JSON object?

String message; JSONObject json = new JSONObject(); json. put(“test1”, “value1”); JSONObject jsonObj = new JSONObject(); jsonObj. put(“id”, 0); jsonObj. put(“name”, “testName”); json.

Can a JSON object contains another JSON object?

We can also construct a JSON object from a subset of another JSON object using the JSONObject(JSONObject jo, java. lang. String[] names) constructor, an array of strings is used to identify the keys that can be copied and missing keys are ignored.

How do I list a string in a JSON object?

JSONObject obj = new JSONObject(); List sList = new ArrayList(); sList. add(“val1”); sList. add(“val2”); obj. put(“list”, sList);

How do you append an object?

Append Values to Object in JavaScript

  1. Use the object.assign() Method to Append Elements to Objects in JavaScript.
  2. Use the push() Method to Append Elements to Objects in JavaScript.
  3. Use the Spread Operator to Append to Objects in JavaScript.

How do you append data to an existing JSON file in Python?

Method 1: Using json. load(file) and json. dump(data, file)

  1. Import the json library with import json.
  2. Read the JSON file in a data structure using data = json.
  3. Update the Python data structure with the new entry (e.g., a new dictionary to append to the list).
  4. Write the updated JSON data back to the JSON file using json.

How do I assign a variable in JSON?


  1. var obj = {
  2. key1: “val1”,
  3. key2: “value2”
  4. };
  5. var json = JSON. stringify(obj);