How do I add categories to navigation menu in WordPress?

You can easily add categories to your menu by clicking the Categories tab on the left side of the Menus screen. You may also need to click the ‘View All’ tab to see all your categories. Simply select the categories you want to add to the menu, and then click the ‘Add to Menu’ button.

Which plugin is used for menu in WordPress?

WP Mega Menu Building a stunning, fully-functioning mega menu is way easier with WP Mega Menu plugin. This tool has everything you need to elevate those dull and lifeless default menus of WordPress. WP Mega Plugin features a lot of customization options, including logo branding, social icons, and free WordPress themes.

How do I organize my menu in WordPress?

Organizing your menu items is as simple as dragging and dropping them into place. To do so, hover over any menu item you’ve added. You’ll see your cursor turn into a crosshair. From here, simply drag and drop the item up or down to reorder it.

How do you categorize posts in WordPress?

Assigning Posts to Categories:

  1. Go to My Sites → Site → Posts.
  2. Click on the post you want to assign to a category.
  3. Under Document Settings on the right, expand the Category option.
  4. Click the checkbox next to the category you want the post to be assigned to and publish your changes.

How do you set categories in WordPress?

To create new categories in WordPress, go to Posts > Categories page. On the left side of the page, you will see a tab that allows you to create categories. Fill in the category name, its slug (will be used in the category URLs), the category description and then press Add New Category.

How do I make my menu bar responsive in WordPress?


  1. Go to your admin area and select Plugins -> Add new from the menu.
  2. Search for “WP Responsive Menu”.
  3. Click install.
  4. Click activate.
  5. Once the plugin is installed then you can see WPR Menu on the left navigation bar of WordPress Dashboard.

How do I organize my menu?

Some handy storage ideas include:

  1. Use a magazine rack to store menus. Just drop in the menus, place the magazine rack on your desk or counter, and you’re done.
  2. Make a menu necklace.
  3. Use a plastic accordion folder to store menus.
  4. Create a menu binder with clear page protectors, and drop in a single menu.

How do I customize a menu in WordPress?

How to change my website’s menu navigation in WordPress

  1. To create or edit a navigation menu on your site, go to Appearance > Customize.
  2. This will open the customizer.
  3. To create a new menu, click on Add a Menu.
  4. And then type a name for your new menu (this can be anything but should reflect the menus used or location).

How to add categories to your WordPress menu bar?

But before you can assign categories to your blog posts and add them to your menu bar, you have to create them first. Go to your WordPress Dashboard > Posts > Categories. You’ll see the following settings panel. 1 ) Name. The title of your category. For example, I have a category name ‘eat & sip’ and another one called ‘marketing’. 2 ) Slug.

What are the best WordPress menu plugins?

Mega Main Menu is another popular WordPress menu plugin that makes it easy to upgrade the navigation areas of your site. To help you get the right look and feel for your website menus, this plugin includes over 10 different drop-down styles.

What is a category in WordPress?

Categories provide a helpful way to group related posts together, and to quickly tell readers what a post is about. Adding a category to your menu bar allows readers to easily find your content and navigate to a related group of blog posts – those subject matters that they love, all in one place.

How to add features to your WordPress menu for free?

Below are seven free plugins that add features to your WordPress menu. They can be downloaded for free from the WordPress plugin repository, and you may want to check out their features before searching for premium options. When you install Max Mega Menu, it automatically converts your existing menu into a mega menu.