How do I get ahold of Oklahoma Department of Public Safety?

Public inquiries may be directed to the DPS Driver License Help Desk at 405-425-2020.

Who is over the Department of Public Safety in Oklahoma?

The Department is led by the Commissioner of Public Safety. The Commissioner is appointed by the Governor of Oklahoma, with the approval of the Oklahoma Senate, to serve at his pleasure. The current Commissioner is John Scully, who was appointed by Governor Kevin Stitt on September 3, 2019.

How do I check the status of my drivers license in Oklahoma?

According to the partnership between the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety and, Oklahoma’s Official Website, you can check your driver’s license online.

How do I get my license back after suspension in Oklahoma?

If you are suspended for failing to appear in court after you get a traffic ticket, you can get your license back by:

  1. Appearing in court, and obtaining a release from the judge or court clerk, and sending the release to DPS; and.
  2. Paying a $25.00 processing fee to DPS.

What is the budget of Oklahoma Department of Public Safety?

The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety has requested a budget of $220 million.

What is the role of the Department of Public Safety?

Justice: We embrace the qualities of fairness,equality,and quickness in protecting the rights of the people we serve.

  • Undaunted Commitment: We demonstrate moral and physical courage,vigilance and diligence in duty performance.
  • Service: We deliver exceptional service assistance through teamwork and cooperation.
  • Is there a DMV in Oklahoma?

    The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (OK DPS) has created a DMV appointment system in order to ease the lives of motorists when they have a limited amount of time to spend at an Oklahoma DMV location. Drivers are offered the opportunity to make an appointment for services related to their driving credentials.

    What is ADA DMV?

    – Social security number – Certified birth certificate (original document) – Verification of school enrollment letter. If faxed, it needs to faxed directly to Ada County at (208) 577-3109. – Acceptable photo identification: school-issued activity card, yearbook, passport or military ID – A birth parent or legal guardian must accompany the applicant