How do I log into my Digium phone?

This article pertains to the default username and password to login to the Web GUI on a Digium phone. The default username is admin and the default password is 789.

How do you transfer a call on a Digium phone?

Assisted Transfer steps:

  1. When you have a caller on your phone (not being held), press the ‘Transfer’ button.
  2. Dial the extension you wish to transfer too. Make sure the extension you are dialing answers the call first.
  3. When that new party answers, press the ‘Transfer’ button again and that will transfer the call.

Who makes Digium?

Sangoma Technologies Corporation
In 1999, Digium’s founder Mark Spencer created Asterisk, the open source software project that can be used to turn a personal computer into a communications server or Voice over IP (VoIP) phone system….Digium.

Type Subsidiary
Parent Sangoma Technologies Corporation

What is PBXact?

The PBXact is a cloud-based, Unified Communications business phone system that’s completely managed in Sangoma’s data centers. The software it uses is no different from your typical on-premise appliances, except it’s in the cloud.

Which Digium phones support Bluetooth?

A: Digium’s D40, D50 and D70 do not directly support Bluetooth connectivity. You can, however, use an external Bluetooth headset connected to the RJ-9 headset jack on the phones. The D65 model phone does support the use of such headsets.

Where is the QR code on Switchvox?

Using a QR Code Open a web browser on your computer, and navigate to Switchvox. Log into Switchvox using extension number and password. Click the softphone QR code icon in the upper right. Tap the Softphone App on your phone to display the configuration screen with the camera activated.

What is the default username and password for Switchvox?

The default values for these are username: “admin”, password: “admin”. If you provided extension details with your Switchvox order, you can skip this step.

How do you transfer a call on a sangoma phone?

How to Transfer Calls on Sangoma P310 and P315 IP Phones

  1. During a call, press the Transfer button.
  2. Enter a number or press the Contacts softkey to find a number.
  3. Press the Dial softkey.
  4. When someone answers, inform them of the call to be transferred.
  5. Press the Transfer softkey, and the transfer is completed.