How do you get different icons on Instagram?

To access the new icons, go to the settings within the app and do a long swipe down on the screen to reveal some emoji. Once you’ve swiped down far enough, the icons will be unlocked and you’ll see a message from Instagram.

Where is the icon on Instagram?

The gear icon leads to the Instagram settings menu and may be hidden within the three line menu icon on your phone. It is accessible from your profile. Open Instagram and select your profile icon in the bottom right of the screen. Select the three line menu icon in the top right.

What do the circles mean on Instagram?

Instagram Story Highlights are the little circles with thumbnail images that display on your Instagram profile. They feature Instagram Stories that you’ve elected to save and share on an evergreen basis.

What does triangle mean on Instagram?

To find the conversations you’ve flagged, navigate to your Instagram inbox. Then tap the icon to the right of the search box and select Flagged from the pop-up menu. Flagged messages have an orange triangle in the top-right corner.

Can you still change Instagram icon 2021?

There is no definitive way to change your Instagram icon in 2021. As the app’s design is subject to change. However, there are a few methods you can try. One is to create a custom shortcut for the Instagram app on your phone’s home screen.

Can you change Instagram icon?

Here’s how to change Instagram’s icon on an Android: Tap and hold a blank spot on your phone’s home screen and then, in the dropdown menu, choose Widgets. 3. Scroll down to X Icon Changer. Select where you want the icon to go.

What are the different parts of Instagram?

There are seven key elements to any Instagram post: the image, the filter, the caption, the location, the people or products that you want to tag, the hashtags that you want to include, and the time that you want to post.

What do the three dots mean on Instagram story?

Hide photos you’re tagged in If you’re tagged in a picture you don’t want other people to see, go to your profile, hit the photos of you icon, tap the three dots at the top of the screen and choose Hide Photos.

What does Blue circle mean on Instagram?

If a blue dot appears next to a search result, it means it’s an account that has shared posts you haven’t seen yet. Learn more about discovering posts in Search & Explore.

What does flag mean in Instagram?

Quite simply, users who mark messages that they’d like to revisit will now “flag” them instead of “star” them. According to Instagram, the change is more semiotic than anything else – you “flag” something you’d like to revisit or take note of, rather than adding some value to it with a star.

What do the icons on Instagram mean?

What do the Instagram icons mean? Symbols of actions are designed to make work on Instagram simple and not clutter up the social network with unnecessary inscriptions. They are used everywhere: in story; when shooting video and photo: in private messages; to indicate possible operations with the publication; in the main menu of the application.

What does the add or plus icon mean on Instagram?

The add or plus icon lets you create a new post, story, live, or Reels video. An icon similar to Facebook Messenger appears at the top. This takes you to your Instagram inbox, which is now connected with Facebook Messenger, however, there is a way to remove FB Messenger from Instagram if you so wish.

What do the icons on the Facebook post mean?

Of the icons there are: 1 a heart denoting the number of likes; 2 airplane – the number of friends who went post; 3 dialogue cloud reflects comments; 4 checkbox – the number of addings to favorites; 5 eye in statistics storis means the number of views. More