How do you pay for parking at the Oregon Zoo?

A limited amount of parking is available in the lot adjacent to the zoo and throughout the park. Visitors can pay for parking at pay stations with coin or card, or through the Parking Kitty app.

How do you use Kitty app parking?

Let’s Get You Parked.

  1. Download Parking Kitty. Create, register, & verify your account.
  2. Find Your Zone & Pay. Look for Parking Kitty signs. & choose a payment method.
  3. Manage on the Go. Receive alerts & send email receipts. of your parking session.

What is the parking zone for the Oregon Zoo?

You can use the Oregon Zoo parking app, too! The ParkingKitty App allows quick registration and payment by entering your parking spot number and using Zone 400 for Washington Park.

Is there free parking at the Oregon Zoo?

Parking rates Parking fees mirror downtown Portland’s hourly rate of $2 per hour with a $8 daily maximum. It is recommended that you use the Parking Kitty app to avoid contact with parking payment kiosks.

What is Kitty app?

Parking Kitty, the City of Portland’s official mobile parking app, provides users with the convenience of handling the entire parking experience from their smartphone. Park, pay, extend and manage your parking session from your fingertips. It’s the cat’s meow! Get Started Today: Download the free Parking Kitty app.

Why is it called Parking Kitty?

The name Parking Kitty is a play on the meaning of kitty as a pool or reserve of money. It is also a nod to the Portland’s well-known reputation as a cat-friendly community. The app is available for both iPhones and Android devices.

Where is Oregon Zoo overflow parking?

17 – Jan. 1, 2022, look for signs as you enter the Park about potential availability for parking in our offsite overflow lot (5319 SW Westgate Dr). If the main zoo lots are full and the overflow offsite lot is open, you’ll be able to park there for free and take a free shuttle to and from the zoo.

How long does it take to go through the Oregon Zoo?

2-3 hours
How long does it take to see the Oregon Zoo? Most people spend 2-3 hours at the zoo. If you plan to ride the zoo railway or stop for a snack, allow extra time.

How do I get to the Portland Zoo?

Nestled atop Washington Park just three miles west of downtown Portland, the zoo is easy to visit by public transit, taxi or rideshare, bicycle, foot or car. Visit Explore Washington Park for complete information on accessing the park.

How do I contact the Oregon State Zoo?

When in doubt, call the zoo’s main telephone number, 503-226-1561, for up-to-date information.

How do I pay for parking at the Washington Zoo?

Visitors can pay for parking at pay stations with coin or card, or through the Parking Kitty app. Oversized vehicles and trailers can park in designated areas. On summer weekends, parking lots fill by 10:30 am. Guests will be directed to off-site parking locations when main lots fill and can take the Washington Park Free Shuttle to the zoo.

What forms of payment does the Oregon Zoo accept for admission?

Credit and debit cards are accepted. Checks or money orders are not accepted. The Oregon Zoo offers discounted admission for Oregon and Washington individuals and families who qualify for a variety of income assistance programs. Learn more here.