How do you use a bundler?

Setting up Bundler

  1. Open a terminal window and run the following command:
  2. Navigate to your project root directory.
  3. Install all of the required gems from your specified sources:
  4. Inside your app, load up the bundled environment:
  5. Run an executable that comes with a gem in your bundle:

What is Gemspec in Gemfile?

Rubygems and Bundler In particular, the gemspec is a standard format for describing all of the information that gets packed with gems then deployed to

What is Ruby Gemfile?

A Gemfile is a file that is created to describe the gem dependencies required to run a Ruby program. A Gemfile should always be placed in the root of the project directory.

Where is Gemfile located?

The Gemfile is wherever you want it to be – usually in the main directory of your project and the name of the file is Gemfile . It’s convenient to have one because it allows you to use Bundler to manage which gems and which versions of each your project needs to run.

What does a bundler do?

A bundler is a tool that puts together all your JavaScript code and its dependencies and throws a new JavaScript output file with everything merged, ready for the web, commonly known as the bundle file.

What is Ruby Gemspec?

According to the official RubyGems site: The gemspec defines what’s in the gem, who made it, and the version of the gem. It’s also your interface to All of the information you see on a gem page (like jekyll’s) comes from the gemspec. Once your gemspec file is sorted out you build it to assemble your gem.

Do I need a Gemspec?

It is necessary to have Gemspec to create a gem and Gemfile is optional. Although you can have Gemfile with Gemspec to track other dependencies apart from your gem. If you are not creating a gem you do not need Gemspec, you can simply use Gemfile to manage all your project dependencies.

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