How do you write a case comment?

How To Write A Case Commentary

  1. Re-guessing the case keeping in the thoughts the issues that you will talk about in the Comment.
  2. Understanding complex circumstances and distinguishing the lawful issues or lacunae for the situation;
  3. Sieving out pertinent subtleties and pointers from the case that help your.

What are the margins for legal documents?

Legal Letter Margin Basics The left side margin of a legal document should be one and one-half inches from the left edge of the page throughout the document. For the right margin, there is no set standard, but margins between three-quarters of an inch and one inch are acceptable in most areas.

What is the difference between a law review and a law journal?

Most schools have one journal, the Law Review, which is the most prestigious and covers almost any cutting-edge legal topic; other, “secondary” journals are content-specific (e.g., Journal of Technology and Law) and only publish works that are more specific in nature.

How do you write a law review comment?

Address a topic that will not be overly analyzed by the time your note is considered for publication (remember your note may not be published until a year after you start it!) Offer original analysis and a novel perspective on an existing legal issue backed by persuasive authorities.

How do I publish a live law article?

Articles should be submitted electronically via the Submit Form: Please note that the Journal will not accept submissions of articles received by any other means.

How long does it take to write a law review article?

It appears that respondents believe that the writing of a law review article consumes between 250 and 500 hours on average. This result is consistent with my own experience for the writing portion of producing an article.

What is the difference between a law review note and comment?

The basic difference between a case note, a comment, and an article is the breadth of the subject matter covered. A case note should analyze a single case. In contrast, a comment addresses an area of the law, focusing on specific issues, cases, and legislation.

Do you get paid for publishing a research paper?

No. Pretty much the only link between academic publishing and your bank account is the fact that you won’t get a job if you don’t publish (discounting the impact buying books has on your bank balance). You don’t get paid for articles you publish. The reviewers don’t get paid for their reviews.

How do you format a law review article?


  1. Times New Roman or similar, 12 pt font.
  2. Double spaced lines.
  3. One inch margins all around.
  4. Footnotes in academic Bluebook style (use the rules on the main white pages instead of the light blue pages at the front of the Bluebook).
  5. Footnotes in same font as text, 10 pt font.

How do I submit a law review article?

Top Law Review Submission Tips for Authors: 2021 Edition

  1. Know the peak times to submit to law reviews.
  2. Have a clear submissions strategy.
  3. Find opportunities to make your submission stand out.
  4. Check your article citations — then check them again.
  5. Know each law review’s submission guidelines and preferences and stick to them.
  6. Follow these law review communication best practices.

How long is a law review comment?

Typically, Comments are around fifteen double-spaced pages when they are published. At the submission stage, the Review may select pieces which are slightly longer, but is unlikely to publish a submission exceeding twenty-five pages. All things being equal, a shorter Comment is a stronger Comment.

How long is a legal article?

Will that make it easier to read the article? Length: Aim for at least 1500 words (excluding footnotes and citations). More is fine. This is because Google gives more importance to long form articles in search result as opposed to very short articles.

How do I publish Harvard Law Review?

How to Submit

  1. Electronic Submission. We strongly encourage contributors to submit their manuscripts through our electronic submission system, preferably in Microsoft Word format.
  2. Length Limitations.
  3. Anonymous Review.
  4. Citation Format.
  5. Expedited Review.
  6. The Harvard Law Review Forum.

How do you start a law review?

Following the Steps to Success (Law Review)

  1. Step 1: Picking a Paper Topic.
  2. Step 2: Preemption Checking.
  3. Step 3: Additional Research.
  4. Step 4: Write the paper. Make sure you check the rules for Plagiarism!
  5. Step 5: Check Citations.
  6. Step 6: Getting Published/Writing Competitions.

What is a case comment Law Review?

A case comment is your opinion about how a particular court decided a particular case. What you need to do is attack the court’s analysis and explain why, even though the court applied the correct law, it applied it incorrectly when compared with other precedential cases.