How many series of the upper hand were there?

Seven series
The Upper Hand is a British television sitcom which was broadcast on ITV from 1990 to 1996. Seven series and 94 episodes were produced.

What was the upper hand about?

Setting. Down on his luck, former footballer Charlie Burrows (Joe McGann) moves from a deprived area of London to leafy Henley-on-Thames in Oxfordshire to make a better life for his daughter Joanna (Kellie Bright), by taking a job as housekeeper for well-off advertising executive Caroline Wheatley (Diana Weston).

How do I get the upper hand?

10 backdoor ways to gain the upper hand in conversations

  1. Leave a strong first impression.
  2. Greet people by name.
  3. Tilt your head.
  4. Limit your speech.
  5. Mirror their behavior.
  6. Paraphrase and repeat back.
  7. Smile, always.
  8. Don’t correct people when they are wrong.

How can a girl get the upper hand?

11 ways to get the upper hand in your relationship

  1. Always look good.
  2. Always be confident.
  3. Learn to speak up.
  4. Know how to be self-sufficient.
  5. Know how to be responsible.
  6. Learn to care and respect your partner.
  7. Be amazing in bed.
  8. Stop with the games.

What is opposite of upper hand?

Opposite of a position of superiority or dominance. inferiority. lowliness. humbleness. inferior position.

How do you use upper hand in a sentence?

1. Our team gained / had the upper hand in the second half. 2. The government was beginning to gain the upper hand.

What is an example of the upper hand?

Whoever is left holding the bat gets the ‘upper hand’, and has first choice of teammate! Example: “It’s half-time and the Spanish football team seem to have the upper hand.”

What movie has the quote the upper hand?

William Somerset : [discovering what’s inside the package] California, tell your people to stay away. Stay away now, don’t – don’t come in here. Whatever you hear, stay away! John Doe has the upper hand!