How much do Americans pay in gas per year?

If you use the 2019 average price per gallon of gas of $2.60 as well as the above averages, it cost the average American driver $1,545 in gas in 2019. That’s 14,263 miles divided by 24 miles per gallon multiplied by 2.60.

What was the average US gas price in 2020?

$2.17 per gallon
U.S. regular retail gasoline prices averaged $2.17 per gallon (gal) in 2020, 44 cents/gal (17%) lower than in 2019 and the lowest annual average since 2016.

How much does gas cost in USA?

The average cost of regular, unleaded gas in the U.S. is $4.33 per gallon, but in nine states, it costs more than $4.50 per gallon, according to gas prices provided by the American Automobile Association.

How much gas do we use a year?

How much gasoline does the United States consume? In 2021, about 134.83 billion gallons (or about 3.21 billion barrels)1 of finished motor gasoline were consumed in the United States, an average of about 369 million gallons per day (or about 8.80 million barrels per day).

How much does average American spend on gas per month?

between $150 and $200
To give you a ballpark estimate for your budget, the average American spends between $150 and $200 on gas each month. However, your exact costs on fuel will depend on several factors—mainly, which state you live in, how much you drive, and the fuel-grade you use for your car.

Why is US fuel so cheap?

The price at a petrol—or gasoline, in America—pump varies from country to country for many reasons: domestic oil production, national refinery capacity, subsidies, taxes, and so on. The US continues to spend billions in subsidies for oil exploration, which helps keep fuel costs artificially low.

Is gas cheaper in Canada or USA?

Gas is always cheaper in the US than Canada, for a variety of reasons, one of which is taxes. Simply enter the town or city you are looking for prices. Note that gas is sold in litres in Canada. One US gallon = 3.79 litres.

What country has the most expensive gas?

U.S. ranked 85th out of 170 countries it tracks, with the top spot being the least expensive (Venezuela) and 170 being the most expensive (Hong Kong).

Where is most expensive gas in US?

California has the most expensive gas in the nation, while Missouri has the cheapest. April 14, 2022, at 2:27 p.m.

What was the highest gas prices in US history?


  • Michigan. — Price per gallon:$3.72.
  • Illinois. — Price per gallon:$3.76.
  • Connecticut. — Price per gallon:$3.77.
  • New York. — Price per gallon:$3.78.
  • Alaska. — Price per gallon:$3.84.
  • California. — Price per gallon:$3.97.
  • Hawaii. — Price per gallon:$4.17.
  • What is the average gas price in the US?

    US Retail Gas Price is at a current level of 3.394, up from 3.381 last week and up from 2.336 one year ago. This is a change of 0.38% from last week and 45.29% from one year ago.

    What is the average price of a gallon of gasoline?

    We’ll take the regular price of gas per gallon, which is $3.30 for the US. And, the average price of gasoline in Canada is around $1.33 per litre. That sounds pretty clear until it hits you that there’s a difference in metrics and the currency!

    How much does gas cost per year?

    When you divide 13,500 miles by how many miles per gallon the F-150 gets, that means the average American uses 562 gallons of gas a year. 562 gallons a year combined with that $3.27 price tag means Americans are spending $1,837 a year on gas. How much do people spend on gas a month in Canada?