How much does it cost to get an immigration lawyer in Canada?


Consultation $250
Common-Law Partner $4,700
Conjugal Partner $4,700
Additional Family Member $1,000
Child Sponsorship $4,500

How much does it typically cost to come to America legally?

Legal Fees The standard legal fee for an immigration lawyer ranges from $3,000 to $4,000 for an H-1B visa. Fees may easily go up to $10,000 if you have issues like deportation etc. Family-Based Petitions can usually cost you anywhere between $800 and $1,500.

How much do lawyers charge for PR?

*If applicant has spouse or dependent children, additional charges apply: Spouse $750….Our Canadian Immigration Flat Rate Fees.

Permanent Residency Application Flat Rate Fee
Alberta PNP Principal Applicant $4,500 Each Dependent $500

How to locate the best immigration lawyer?

Standard search engines;

  • Lawyer referral services;
  • Legal aid services or nonprofit organizations;
  • State and local bar association websites; and/or
  • Companies that offer detailed,private databases like LegalMatch!
  • How to find the best immigration lawyers?

    When someone wants to immigrate and settle in the Miami-Dade area, the best approach is to hire a local attorney. Nonetheless, how to find the right immigration lawyer in Miami? In this article, you will discover the do’s and do not’s when choosing a

    How can I find an immigration lawyer?

    – If an attorney lives in a different state, you can schedule a phone consultation instead of an in-person meeting. – Hire an out-of-state attorney only if you have a particularly complicated case. – For example, a political refugee hoping to get asylum in the United States would need to find an attorney who specializes in asylum cases.

    How to choose an immigration attorney?

    you speak and read English fluently;

  • the legal research you need to perform is not overwhelming (in other words,you won’t have to become an expert to maximize your chances of qualifying for the immigration benefit
  • you appear to be eligible for the benefit you are seeking;