How much is a Globe Wernicke worth?

Prices for Globe Wernicke bookcases can vary depending on size, time period and other attributes. Price for these items starts at $1,160 and tops out at $40,000, while pieces like these can sell for $2,120 on average.

When were Globe Wernicke bookcases made?

The Globe-Wernicke was an American furniture company based in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. The company was founded in 1893, and specialized in the design and manufacture of military equipment….Globe Wernicke.

Type Private
Industry offices furniture
Predecessor The Globe Files Company
Founded 1899
Defunct 1955

How do you identify a Wernicke globe?

Check for labels on the removable base and top sections since authentic Globe-Wernicke top and base labels specified “top” and “base” units,” advises Campbell. New labels are self-adhesive with peel off backings. Virtually all similar new adhesive labels have edges that fluoresce, or glow, under longwave black light.

Why is it called barrister bookcase?

The barrister bookcase was born out of necessity. Barristers, or lawyers that specialize in case law and represent clients in court, found themselves in need of a piece of furniture that could not only store volumes of reference books but also could be transported safely and easily as they traveled from court to court.

Do barrister bookcases come apart?

Each shelf comes apart, as well as the top and the bottom drawer. The glass is original.

How do you clean a barrister bookcase?

For routine cleaning, we recommend using a soft cloth dampened with warm, soapy water. Dish soap without abrasives will do the trick. Be sure your cloth is damp, not wet, and replace your cloth with a clean one before it gets too dirty. A soiled, damp cloth can redeposit soil on the finish.

How old are barrister bookcases?

Barrister bookcases became popular during the mid to late 19th century.

Why do they call it a barrister bookcase?

Bookcases were designed with a series of self-contained shelving units that could be stacked upon each other in a free-standing bookcase. This lawyer’s library of reference texts could then be suitably stored and moved and became known as the barrister bookcase.

How do I remove a barrister bookcase door?

Unscrew the rollers on both sides. Lower the door so it’s parallel to the back. Push one end back into the cabinet until the pin is free of the side slot – or start with the door at the back, and pull one end forward until it’s free of the side slot (and then keep pulling forward to remove from the case.)

What is the difference between a lawyer and barrister?

Barrister: This is a lawyer who has passed the Bar examinations set up by a committee of distinctive lawyers in the profession. The qualification of a barrister is that he is entitled to appear in any Court and represent clients.

How big is a Globe Wernicke barrister bookcase?

A gorgeous antique Arts & Crafts five-stack barrister bookcase By Globe Wernicke USA, Circa 1900 Quartersawn oak, with brass hardware and glass door fronts. Measures: 34″… We are delighted to offer for sale this stunning globe Wernicke Barristers oak bookcase. We have another one that’s matching but slightly different.

Where was the Globe Wernicke bookcase system made?

The Globe Wernicke bookcase system was produced in England, America, and Germany. The mobile office was popular among researchers who took the furniture on their travels. Typical for…

Who made barrister’s bookcases in 1920?

This pair of large stacking oak barrister’s bookcases were made by the Globe-Wernicke Company of England in approximately 1920. These bookcases each have a set of four stacking bookc…

What is the size of a barrister bookcase?

Rare barrister bookcase in maple. 4 storage sections with a top and footed base. Top section has a storage capacity of 32 x 9.5 x 8.25 H, other 3 sections are 32 x 9.5 x 10.25 H. Cab… Classic 5 sectional stacking bookcase in polished and lacquered steel. 3 storage sections with a top cap and a bottom with feet.