Among the many types of essays, a special place is held by argumentative essay. This type of scholarship essay is a type of research work that enables the student to examine the object under study from different angles, thereby fully investigating it. As a result of argumentative essay writing, students will have the skills of a reasoned conviction and substantiation of their point of view.

Writing this type of essay often puzzles students, because with any other simpler type of essay it is difficult to understand the structure, how to correctly and in what sequence to express your thoughts, how to find ideas, and moreover argumentative essay requires, besides everything else, deep research. How to start argumentative essay writing and how to develop your thoughts?

Start your essay writing with argumentative essay characteristics familiarization. It will remind you or give you the opportunity to understand how to structure your thoughts correctly when writing it, at what points you should pay extra attention.

So, for example, it is worth remembering that, like any other essay, argumentative essay is of a personal nature of perceiving a problem and its understanding. Argumentative essay writing is interesting and valuable precisely because it gives the opportunity to see the personality of the author, the peculiarity of his/her position, style of thinking, speech, attitude to the world.

Remember to keep a small amount of your essay. There are no hard boundaries, of course, but as a rule, you should be able to state all your arguments clearly and in the correct order, while adhering to the scope of the essay.

Even though you need to examine the object entirely, your argumentative essay should remain fundamentally incomplete. No, you don’t need to stop at the half-word your essay, but you definitely should remain some place for exhaustive analysis of the object to be analyzed.

So, having studied the features of writing an essay, carefully read all the topics (statements) proposed for your argumentative essay writing. Choose the one that will meet several requirements: a) you are interested in; b) you generally understand the meaning of this statement; c) there is something to say on this topic (you know the terms, you can give examples, have personal experience, etc.).  Determine the main idea of ​​the statement (what is it about?). For this, use the method of paraphrase (say the same thing, but in your own words). Sketch the arguments for and / or against this statement using a draft. If you type arguments both “for” and “against” the aphorism taken as the topic, your essay may be polemical.

To facilitate the work on preparing for your argumentative essay writing, various options of cliches that are appropriate to use in the introduction are proposed. For example: I agree with this opinion … I’m not of the same view… One cannot but agree with the opinion … The depth of thought is amazing … The unusual approach to the problem surprises … This phrase makes you think about … For me, this phrase is the key to understanding … Choice of this topic is dictated by the following considerations, etc.

For each argument, select examples, facts, situations from life, personal experience, etc. Once again, review the selected illustrations: did you use your knowledge of the subject with them (terms, facts of public life, for an essay by right – knowledge of modern legislation, etc.). Think about what literary techniques you will use to make the language of your essay more interesting, alive (comparisons, analogies, epithets, etc.).

Distribute the matched arguments and / or counterarguments in sequence. This will be your conditional plan. Come up with an introduction to the argument (it is possible to write in it, why you chose this statement, immediately determine your position, ask your question to the author of the quote, etc.). State your point of view in the sequence that you have outlined. Formulate a general conclusion of the work and, if necessary, edit it.

Thus, we see that the argumentative essay writing begins far from writing the introductory words on your argumentative paper. You should start an essay writing long before you decide to write down your thoughts. First, choose a topic, then carefully work through all the information, then study the correct structuring of the essay. And in fact, this is a difficult job, requiring a lot of effort and time. But if you still fail to write a strong argumentative essay by yourself – do not be upset. Many specialized resources, such as, are ready to help you by writing a good argumentative essay for you without spending a lot of time and effort and without compromising your academic performance.