Is Magadheera a hit or flop?

In addition, this Tollywood actor has given 14 films verdict, he showcase 3 Hit, 2 Average, 3 Blockbuster and much more. He is a successful actor of Telugu cinema….Ram Charan Hits And Flops All Movies Box Office Collection Analysis List.

Movie Magadheera
Business 150.00 Cr
Verdict Blockbuster
Year 2009

Was Magadheera a hit?

Magadheera, which received positive reviews from the critics upon its release, managed to become a blockbuster hit film at the box office that year.

Who is Magadheera villain?

Ganesh Dev
Dev, who played the villain in Magadheera, will be playing an antagonist’s role in this film directed by Prashant Raj.

Is Magadheera a remake?

Says a source in the know, “The original film Magadheera directed by Rajamouli had Ramcharan Teja and Sonu Sood along with Kajal Aggarwal. The remake will have much bigger actors from both Hollywood and Bollywood.” The original was directed by Rajamouli.

Who is Sher Khan in Magadheera?

The role of Sher Khan played by Srihari was considered as one of the best roles in his career and also catapulted S. S. Rajamouli to stardom. Dev Gill attained stardom with this film and went on to work in several South Indian films as an antagonist.

How many Ram Charan movies flop?

Ram Charan All Films Hit Flop Box Office Verdict

Film Box Office Verdict
12 Vinaya Vidheya Rama Flop
11 Rangasthalam Blockbuster
10 Dhruva Average
9 Bruce Lee: The Fighter Flop

Will there be Magadheera 2?

And now, the numero uno director is contemplating to direct the sequel of Magadheera roping in Mega Power Star as the lead star. It’s reportedly learnt that Ram Charan also gave his consent to work with Rajamouli for Magadheera 2.

What was the budget of Magadheera movie?

350 million INR
400 million INR

Is Magadheera real story?

Whereas here there are no proper references as Magadheera is a fantasy story. Though the backdrop is Rajasthan, the references were useful for other characters than the lead protagonists. One had to imagine, match and put the costumes together for the hero and heroine.”

Who is the heroine of Magadheera movie?

Kajal AggarwalMitravinda, Indu
Saloni AswaniApilli

Is Raabta remake of Magadheera?

To confirm this we got in touch with Bhushan Kumar of T-Series who has produced the film. He said, “From day one we have maintained that our movie is not a copy of Magadheera, and that there is only a reincarnation bit that has a similar theme but then it has been in so many other films too.

Which movie is remake of Magadheera?

Raabta is a remake of Magadheera, accuses producer Allu Aravind.

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