Is Navfac part of the Navy?

Welcome to NAVFAC Atlantic NAVFAC is a global organization with an annual volume of business in excess of $11 billion. As a major Navy Systems Command and an integral member of the Navy and Marine Corps team, NAVFAC delivers timely and effective facilities engineering solutions worldwide.

What is Navfac Lant?

The Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command (NAVFAC) manages the planning, design, construction, contingency engineering, real estate, environmental and public works support for U.S. Navy shore facilities around the world.

What does the Naval Facilities engineering Command do?

NAVFAC is the Naval Shore and Expeditionary Systems Command that plans, builds, and maintains sustainable facilities, delivers environmental, utilities and other base services, and acquires and manages expeditionary combat force systems and equipment.

How many FECs are in Navfac?

NAVFAC Southwest is one of ten facilities engineering commands (FECs) in NAVFAC. Our command is comprised of over 3,200 Federal employees (civil service, officers, and enlisted).

Is Navfac under CNIC?

Transformation into a world-class facilities management organization is our most significant focus areas as the Commander, Navy Installations Command (CNIC) / Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) partnership is strengthened across the Commander, Navy Region Europe, Africa, Central (CNREURAFCENT) area of …

What Echelon is Navfac?

Echelon II Systems Command
NAVFAC Headquarters (HQ) is an Echelon II Systems Command (SYSCOM) reporting to the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) through the Vice Chief of Naval Operations (VCNO).

What is Echelon 3 Navy?

Naval Information Forces (NAVIFOR) is an Echelon III command under US Fleet Forces Command, (USFLTFORCOM). It is the Type Command (TYCOM) for meteorology and oceanography, cryptology/SIGINT, cyber, electronic warfare, information operations, intelligence, networks, and space disciplines.

How many people work on Washington Navy Yard?

The historic Washington Navy Yard is home to approximately 16,000 employees in 2.2 million square feet of office space.

Where is NSA Washington?

Washington, DC
Naval District Washington

Commandant, Naval District Washington Naval District Washington
Part of Naval Installations Command
HQ Washington Navy Yard, Washington, DC
Nickname(s) NDW

How many people are in Navfac?

It is, however, our more than 17,000 employees – civilian planners, engineers, contract specialists, archi- tects, construction managers, IT specialists and many other highly trained profes- sionals — that are NAVFAC’s greatest asset.