Is the Cryptonomicon a real book?

The novel’s Cryptonomicon, described as a “cryptographer’s bible”, is a fictional book summarizing America’s knowledge of cryptography and cryptanalysis.

How do you pronounce Qwghlm?

According to the audiobook versions of The Baroque Cycle and Cryptonomicon, in the late 17th century “Qwghlm” was pronounced “Taghum”, with stress on the second syllable.

Is Daniel Waterhouse a real person?

The books primarily follow three main characters, all fictional. Daniel Waterhouse, born in 1646, is thoughtful, scientifically inclined, open-minded, and bears little sign of deep religious conviction (though his father was a fierce Puritan).

Who wrote Cryptonomicon?

Neal StephensonCryptonomicon / AuthorNeal Town Stephenson is an American writer known for his works of speculative fiction. His novels have been categorized as science fiction, historical fiction, cyberpunk, postcyberpunk, and baroque.
Stephenson’s work explores mathematics, cryptography, linguistics, philosophy, currency, and the history of science. Wikipedia

Where is Qwghlm?

Qwghlm is the name of a fictitious island off the coast of Scotland, featured in the novels Cryptonomicon and the Baroque Cycle trilogy by Neal Stephenson. The island hosts a population who speak a bizarre pithy language, so they become used by the British during World War 2 as codetalkers.

Should I read Cryptonomicon?

Cryptonomicon is a big, entertaining book that should be a lot of fun for anyone interested in World War II, cryptology or digital currency. It will teach you something about submarines, writing a business plan and the dangers of venture capital funding. A good one for your summer fat book reading list.

Who is Enoch Root?

Enoch Root, also known as Enoch the Red, is a recurring character through The Baroque Cycle, Cryptonomicon, and Fall, or Dodge in Hell). Although he is not one of the main protagonists of the books, he often appears at crucial times and places.

Where is Kinakuta?

Kinakuta (or Quennah-Kootah) is a fictional country featured in the novels ” Cryptonomicon ” and the multi-volume “Baroque Cycle” by Neal Stephenson . It is a tiny island sultanate located in the Sulu Sea between the Philippines and Borneo (centered between Palawan and North Borneo, explains “Cryptonomicon”).

Is cryptonomicon good Reddit?

It’s amazingly bad. There are too many character arcs to follow, the book goes back & forth in time constantly, when you think there are a lot of arcs to follow he introduces more, a lot of the character arcs could easily be removed, the book appears to actually go nowhere and the technical aspects are dry and boring.

Is the Baroque Cycle any good?

Far from being an instance of esoteric cult fiction, however, the Baroque Cycle is one of the greatest historical novels ever written, far superior in plot, characterisation, drama, and historical depth to War and Peace, and – for my money – significantly more impressive than Hilary Mantel’s much praised novels about …

Who was Daniel Waterhouse?

Daniel Waterhouse is an English scientist and one of the three main characters of the Cycle. His evolution from the youthful, self-doubting son of a Puritan preacher into a politically and economically able rationalist is one of the primary themes of the Cycle.

How many pages is Cryptonomicon?

918 pages
But if his cyberpunk classic was big, Cryptonomicon is huge… gargantuan… massive, not just in size (a hefty 918 pages including appendices) but in scope and appeal.

What is the genre and subject matter of Cryptonomicon?

Genre and subject matter. Cryptonomicon is closer to the genres of historical fiction and contemporary techno-thriller than to the science fiction of Stephenson’s two previous novels, Snow Crash and The Diamond Age. It features fictionalized characterizations of such historical figures as Alan Turing, Albert Einstein, Douglas MacArthur,…

Is Cryptonomicon a part of the Baroque Cycle?

Cryptonomicon is a novel written by Neal Stephenson. Though not explicitly a part of The Baroque Cycle, it shares a number of themes, locations, and characters with those books. The book is named after the book in the novel, “a cryptographer’s bible” that contains much about cryptography and cryptanalysis.

Why did Stephenson choose the book Cryptonomicon?

Stephenson claims to have chosen ” Cryptonomicon ” to make the book sound like something a 17th-century scholar would be likely to have. James Wilkins is the author of a book called Cryptonomicon, which is a manual for cryptography, referenced in various places within the Cycle.