Is the Megalodon still alive in 2021?

Megalodon is NOT alive today, it went extinct around 3.5 million years ago.

Is the Megalodon Still Alive 2020?

The Creature That Killed Off The Giant Megalodon Might Still Live in Our Oceans Today. For twenty million years, the world’s oceans were home to a monstrous shark, named the ‘megalodon’. Then suddenly, without explanation, the 18-metre-long (50 foot) super predator disappeared.

What is the biggest megalodon ever recorded?

This data suggests that mature adult megalodons had a mean length of 10.2 metres (about 33.5 feet), the largest specimens measuring 17.9 metres (58.7 feet) long. Some scientists, however, contend that the largest forms may have measured up to 25 metres (82 feet) long.

How big is a megalodon 2020?

A 2020 study—looking at the dimensions of the modern great white, mako, and Lamna sharks—suggested a 16 meters (52 ft) megalodon would have had a 4.65 m (15.3 ft) long head, 1.41 m (4 ft 8 in) tall gill slits, a 1.62 m (5 ft 4 in) tall dorsal fin, 3.08 m (10 ft 1 in) long pectoral fins, and a 3.85 m (12 ft 8 in) tall …

Can megalodon come back?

‘No. It’s definitely not alive in the deep oceans, despite what the Discovery Channel has said in the past,’ notes Emma. ‘If an animal as big as megalodon still lived in the oceans we would know about it. ‘

Did Megalodon look like a great white?

One of the largest sharks to ever stalk the world’s oceans, megalodon, is often depicted as a gigantic great white shark — an oversized version of one of today’s top predators. But scientists only know of the meg, which lived some 3.6 million years ago, thanks to fossil teeth and some vertebrae.

Did megalodon look like a great white?

Most reconstructions show megalodon looking like an enormous great white shark. This is now believed to be incorrect. O. megalodon likely had a much shorter nose, or rostrum, when compared with the great white, with a flatter, almost squashed jaw.