Is the Shimano Talica a good reel?

Shimano has come out with a winner with the Talica. Their technology and innovation they used in the creation of the Talica puts them as one of the top competitors in the small 2-speed reel market. It is a small, lightweight reel that fishes hard and casts well.

How much drag does a Talica have?

The Talicas are ultra-smooth and an absolute pleasure to fish. Oversized carbon drag washers put out 20-40 lbs of drag, depending on the model, and Shimano’s internals are second to none.

Where are Shimano Talica reels made?

Shimano Talica 2-Speed Conventional Reels

Manufacturer: Shimano
Country of Manufacture: Japan
Bearings: 6BB + 1SA-RB
Weight: 18.2 oz., 18.6 oz., 25.7 oz., 26.5 oz., 32.3 oz., 33.2 oz., 56.0 oz.

How much line does a Talica 16 hold?


TRTAC07 – TALICA 8 97 cm 40 lbs / 395 yds
TRTAC09 – TALICA 10 97 cm 40 lbs / 540 yds
TRTAC11 – TALICA 12 104 cm 50 lbs / 700 yds
TRTAC15 – TALICA 16 104 cm 65 lbs / 485 yds

Where are SEiGLER reels made?

Virginia Beach, VA
SEiGLER Fishing Reels designs, machines, and assembles Conventional Fishing Reels and Fly Reels in Virginia Beach, VA. Founded in 2009 in Virginia, the company is one of the only 100% manufactured in the United States.

What is a two speed reel?

The concept of a two-speed reel is really quite simple — instead of utilizing a single gear set designed to retrieve line at a given speed, a two-speed offers two, generally designated as “high” and “low,” which offer anglers more fishing options. Advertisement.

Who makes Fin Nor reels?

Pure Fishing ®
COLUMBIA, S.C. — Pure Fishing ® has announced the acquisition of iconic fishing brands Fin-Nor ® and Van Staal ® from W.C. Bradley/Zebco ® Holdings, Inc.

How does an automatic fly reel work?

The automatic reel is spring-driven. The spring is wound when the fly line is pulled out and recovered by pressing a trigger. The spring is released by a knob on the side of the reel. It is important to release the tension on the spring after you rig your line.

What are two-speed reels good for?

But at its most basic function, a two-speed allows anglers to both rip line in quickly and battle big, tough fish with great efficiency. “They allow an angler to put more pressure on the fish,” says Brandon Cotton, marketing and promotions manager at Okuma.

What is Shimano Talica?

Talica design removes the spool drag allowing for a high gear ratio. It gives tough cranking power and covers more than just a couple inches with each turn of the handle. Talica reels offer angler many other features besides cranking power. Shimano places the Talica proudly within their newly coined “Metal Series” of reels.

How many sizes does the Talica come in?

We offer the Talica in 11 different sizes to tackle a variety of offshore fish from the football size tuna, to record setting class pelagic species. Unfortunately we cannot provide you this service with your current cookies preferences.

Do all Talica reels have a lever drag?

All Talica reels come built with a lever drag though models split between 2 speed and single speed versions. Two speed Talicas can be identified by a dash then 2 at the end of the model number while one speed reels leave off that ending.

What is the Shimano HEG drag material?

This drag material provides a wider range of drag settings, along with the smoothest Shimano drag performance ever. Shimano’s proprietary surface treatment of the spool and body allow corrosion resistance more than double the conventional surface treatment. HEG consists of not only the gears, but also the frame, setplate, and handle-side sideplate.