Was Catalan banned during Franco?

During the dictatorship of Franco (1939-1975), not only democratic freedoms were suppressed, but also the Catalan language, which was excluded from the education system and relegated to the family sphere.

What was the Nationalist movement in Spain called?

In comparison to other nationalisms, “Spanish nationalism” is often referred to as españolismo, an equivalent to centralism.

Was Catalonia part of the Spanish Civil War?

The Catalonia Offensive (Catalan: Ofensiva de Catalunya, Spanish: Ofensiva de Cataluña) was part of the Spanish Civil War. The Nationalist Army started the offensive on 23 December 1938 and rapidly conquered Republican-held Catalonia with Barcelona (the Republic’s capital city from October 1937).

When was Catalan banned in Spain?

The Catalan language and culture were suppressed during the Spanish Civil War (1936–1939) and the subsequent decades in Francoist Catalonia. The Francoist dictatorship (1939–1975) banned the use of Catalan in schools and in public administration.

Who were the nationalists in Spain?

On one side, the Nationalist, were most Roman Catholics, important elements of the military, most landowners, and many businessmen. On the other side, the Republican, were urban workers, most agricultural labourers, and many of the educated middle class.

What were the factors that contributed to the rise of nationalism during the Spanish period?

It was brought to its advent by three major factors: 1) economy, 2) education and 3) secularization of parishes. These factors contributed to the birth of the Filipino Nationalism.

Was Catalonia a communist?

Revolutionary Catalonia (21 July 1936 – 10 February 1939) was the part of Catalonia (autonomous region in northeast Spain) controlled by various anarchist, communist, and socialist trade unions, parties, and militias of the Spanish Civil War period.

Was Catalonia ever an independent country?

Catalonia was granted a statute of autonomy in 1932, which lasted until the Spanish Civil War. In 1938, General Franco abolished both the Statute of Autonomy and the Generalitat.