What are slam down notifications?

Slam Down Notifications are for when the phone is switched on and someone reaches your voicemail and hangs up. This is a voicemail service and won’t work when voicemail is turned off.

How do I check my missed calls on Vodafone?

Re: Missed call SMS alert

  1. Call 121 from your Vodafone mobile.
  2. (if you’re a Pay as you go customer or abroad, standard call charges apply)
  3. Press 1 for the main menu.
  4. Choose option 4, then option 3.
  5. Pick your alert type – 2 for text, 3 for a call or 4 for an icon.

Can I get missed call alert on Vodafone?

Re: Missed call alerts Slam down notifications work when someone reaches your voicemail and hangs up without leaving a message, Vodafone will then send a text alert with the callers number. You can opt to receive a text notification for when you receive a missed unanswered call or voicemail.

How do I change my voicemail on Vodafone?

How do I change the greeting on my Voicemail – put on a personal message?

  1. Answer.
  2. Call 121 (or 242 if you use Vodafone Mail), and press “Send”. Press 3 (personal greeting) and follow the voice prompts:
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  5. Getting Started.

How do I get missed call messages?

Go to the Settings icon. Click on Apps….To enable missed call notification on your Android phone to know who called when phone is switched off, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Go to the Settings.
  2. Tap on Notifications.
  3. Scroll down to locate Phone app, and then tap Phone app.
  4. Now, select Missed calls.

Where do I find my missed calls?

View & delete call history

  1. Open your device’s Phone app .
  2. Tap Recents .
  3. You’ll see one or more of these icons next to each call in your list: Missed calls (incoming) (red) Calls you answered (incoming) (blue) Calls you made (outgoing) (green)

How do I check last 5 calls on Vodafone?

Open the Vodafone app with your prepaid number > go to the Usage section > select the Deduction tab. Here you will find the Call History option.

How do I check last 3 Missed calls on Vodafone?

The Vi last 3 call details code is *199*2*3# that you can also verify from vi official sites. Just dial the code and press the call button on your mobile.

How do I get missed call notifications on Vodacom?

How to activate: By dialling *67*134# (for notifications when your phone is busy) By dialling *62*134# (for notifications when your phone is switched off or unreachable)

Is Vodafone voicemail free?

Cost. There are no additional monthly costs for using Vodafone Mail.

What is Vodafone call catcher?

Call Catcher is an alternative to voicemail, giving callers the option to send their number to you via SMS if you don’t answer their call.

How do I use the notifications summary?

The notifications summary is personalized to you and intelligently ordered by priority, based on how you use your apps, with the most relevant notifications at the top. The summary is especially useful when you’re using Focus to delay notifications while you concentrate on an activity.

How do I clear the notification bar on my screen?

Clear the notification by selecting and dragging it off screen to the right, or by selecting the clear button. Quick actions take you right to the settings and apps you’re likely to use often, from Bluetooth to brightness. Select one to turn the setting on or off, or open the app.

How do I use notifications in Notification Center?

Notifications help you keep track of what’s new—they let you know if you missed a call, if the date of an event moved, and more. You can customize your notification settings so you see only what’s important to you. To see your notifications in Notification Center, do any of the following: On the Lock Screen: Swipe up from the middle of the screen.

How can I see all notifications on my lock screen?

You can see all notification content on your lock screen by default. Open your phone’s Settings app. Tap Apps & notifications Notifications. Under “Lock screen,” tap Notifications on lock screen or On lock screen. Choose Show alerting and silent notifications. On some phones, choose Show all notification content.