What are some words of safety?

Synonyms for safe. secure, snug.

  • Words Related to safe. guarding, protecting, safeguarding, sheltering, shielding. defended, guarded, protected,
  • Near Antonyms for safe. menacing, minatory, parlous, perilous, threatening. undefended, unguarded, unprotected,
  • Antonyms for safe. dangerous, hazardous, insecure, risky, unsafe.
  • How do you send a distressed text?

    “Mayday, Mayday, Mayday” “This is [vessel name and/or call sign if you have one]” (spoken three times) “Mayday [vessel name and/or call sign if you have one]” “My position is [Details of the ship’s position]” “My vessel is [Nature of distress and assistance required is identified]” “I have …

    How to increase fire safety awareness in kids?

    Have a plan for young children who cannot get outside by themselves. You will need to wake babies and very young children and help them get out.

  • It is important to find two ways out of every room in your home,in case one exit is blocked or dangerous to use.
  • Choose a meeting place outside your home.
  • What are the safety signs for kids?

    The Norton Children’s Research Institute, affiliated with the U of L School of Medicine, will look at the safety of the vaccine in children and how their bodies respond to it. Norton plans to enroll its first patients in the next week or two. “

    What are some safety words?

    Safety is our No1 Priority

  • Safety is No Accident
  • Take 5 and Stay Alive
  • The Key To Safety Is in Your Hands
  • No Safety,Know Pain
  • Safety Is a Choice You Make
  • A spill,a slip,a hospital trip
  • Safety glasses: All in favour say “Eye!”
  • Safety rules are your best tools.
  • Stay Alert – Don’t Get Hurt
  • How to talk to kids about school safety?

    Do not go anywhere with or talk to people you don’t know

  • It’s ok to say no and walk away if someone is making you feel uncomfortable or trying to get you to break a safety rule.
  • No one should touch you without your permission (this includes hugs,etc) We also have taught our kids that if they want to hug a friend- they should ask first.