What are the parts of a marae?

What is a Marae?

  • Tekoteko (head)
  • Maihi (arms)
  • Amo (legs)
  • Tāhuhu (backbone)
  • Heke (ribs)
  • Poutokomanawa (central heart post)

What are Maraes made of?

Marae generally consist of an area of cleared land roughly rectangular (the marae itself), bordered with stones or wooden posts (called au in Tahitian and Cook Islands Māori) perhaps with paepae (terraces) which were traditionally used for ceremonial purposes; and in some cases, a central stone ahu or a’u.

What is the role of a Kaikaranga?

The role of speaking on the paepae and the role of kaikaranga were both senior positions that were passed down through families; each generation taught the next and your whakapapa placed you in the order of things. It’s different today. It’s whoever puts their hand up to fulfil the role,” she says.

What are the 7 steps of a Pōwhiri?

Pōwhiri usually consists of the following stages:

  • Karanga (call) This is the first and unique call of welcome in the pōwhiri.
  • Whaikōrero (speeches) Formal speech making follows the karanga.
  • Waiata (song)
  • Koha (gift)
  • Harirū (shaking hands)
  • Kai (food)

What does the word Pakeha mean?

the white inhabitants of New
Pakeha, which is a Maori term for the white inhabitants of New Zealand, was in vogue even prior to 1815. Its original meaning and origin are obscure, but the following are possible origins, the first being the most probable: From pakepakeha: imaginary beings resembling men.

What is the entrance to a marae called?

Page 2. Glossary. Waharoa – Gate way to the marae. Manuhiri – Visitors.

Why do you take your shoes off in a marae?

While generally seen as a courtesy, the principle of removing one’s shoes is also a symbolic one. It represents the leaving of the dust of Tū Matauenga (God of War) outside so that it does not soil the house of Rongo (God of Peace). You will be directed to the right of the entrance.

What is the oldest marae in NZ?

Murihiku Marae is the oldest carved marae in Southland, and the only one to feature a stage for kapa haka performances.

What are the 8 stages of a pōwhiri?

What is kaikaranga manuhiri?

Kaikaranga from the visiting group – the kaiwhakautu – return the karanga on behalf of the manuhiri. Each group honours the other, weaving a continuous “spiritual rope” that “pulls” the manuhiri onto the marae.

What happens at a Maori kaikaranga?

In most cases the karanga includes a welcome to a particular marae, both to the living manuhiri and to the spirits of the dead. The kaikaranga from the host marae starts proceedings by piercing the air with her call, delivering her greeting to those who have passed on, and the living, on one held breath.

Should Te Reo be part of the kaikaranga?

I think those with limited te reo are still able to perform parts of the function and roles of the kaikaranga with what they know, but it’s important they keep safe within that and I would hope they’d aspire to be better by learning te reo. Our people have never been ones to accept mediocrity in the long-term,” she says.

Can I cancel my arahurahu marae tour and get a refund?

If you book with Tripadvisor, you can cancel up to 24 hours before your tour starts for a full refund. See all 10 Arahurahu Marae tours on Tripadvisor What’s the best way to see Arahurahu Marae?