What did Henry Grady do in the new South?

Henry W. Grady, a newspaper editor in Atlanta, Georgia, coined the phrase the “New South” in 1874. He urged the South to abandon its longstanding agrarian economy for a modern economy grounded in factories, mines, and mills.

How did Henry Grady feel about the new South?

Grady’s New South Grady preached the promises of a New South, arguing that slavery and secession were dead in the region, and that northern financial help would aid reconciliation between former enemies while turning a profit. He also urged northerners to allow white southerners to manage the rights of Black citizens.

How did Henry Grady describe the Old South?

Grady, editor of the Atlanta Constitution. ―The Old South,‖ he said, ―rested everything on slavery and agriculture, unconscious that these could neither give nor maintain healthy growth. ‖ The New South, on the other hand, ―presents a perfect democracy‖ of small farms and diversifying industries.

What did Henry Grady accomplish?

He led the Atlanta Ring, a group of pro-industrial urban Democrats who promoted Atlanta’s economic development through reconciliation with the North. Through Grady’s efforts Georgia Tech was established, and Atlanta hosted three different Cotton Expositions that attracted millions in investment dollars and new jobs.

What did the leaders of the New South movement promote?

From Henry Grady to black leader Booker T. Washington, New South advocates wanted southern economic regeneration, sectional reconciliation, racial harmony, and believed in the gospel of work.

What is Grady’s main argument?

DOCUMENT 13.2 | Henry Grady, “The New South”IdentifyGrady’s main argument was that the South should switch over to a more modern based economy and move away from the agricultural economy that has been present for so long. He wanted to it be modeled after the North’s industrial economy: factories, mines, mills, etc.

Why was Henry Grady called the voice of the New South?

1. Why is Henry Grady referred to as the “Spokesman of the South”? Henry Grady led a one-man campaign to bring prosperity to the south. In a speech delivered in New York, Grady brought together key ideas for the New South, including northern investment in the south and southern industrial growth.

What is meant by New South?

Definition of New South : the southern U.S. in the years since the American Civil War.

Was the New South successful?

Was The New South ideology successful? It depends on what part of the ideology you’re talking about. Economically, the idea of the New South didn’t come to fruition. The region remained largely rural, agrarian, and poor: by 1900, per capita income in the South was 40% less than the national income.

What is the New South movement?

The term “New South” refers to the economic shift from an exclusively agrarian society to one that embraced industrial development. Influential southerners such as Atlanta Constitution managing editor Henry W.

What were the failures of the New South?

After the Civil War. The South was economically devastated by the Civil War. Its major cities, such as Richmond, Virginia, and Charleston, South Carolina, had been badly damaged. Its banks had failed, its currency was worthless, the transportation systems were unreliable, and many plantations and farms lay idle.