What did the Indian government do about the 2004 tsunami?

An immediate recce of the tsunami affected areas from Islands to mainland was undertaken for impact assessment and the Government of India released Rs. 700 crore, for carrying out immediate relief and response, to the affected States and Union Territories; which included Rs. 250 crore for Tamil Nadu , Rs.

Can tsunami occur in Mumbai?

According to a senior BMC official, “Studies and experts assert that tsunami can never hit Mumbai, as there isn’t any epicenter in the ocean on the western side. It’s only earthquakes that can bother the city because there are three major active fault lines in Panvel, Koyna and another spot, which is in Pakistan.”

What was done after the 2004 tsunami?

Major groups involved in the relief effort included the Red Cross, OXFAM, CARE, UNICEF and the WHO. The United Nations World Food Program fed 1.75 million people. As of late March 2004, it moved 50,000 tons of food to stricken areas using helicopters, planes, cargo ships, landing crafts and trucks.

How much did it cost to repair the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami damage?

The waves stripped vegetation from mountain sides hundreds of metres inland, capsized freighters and threw boats into trees. The estimated cost of the damage was just under $10bn (£6.4bn). Ten years on, many coastal towns and villages have rebuilt their communities and lives.

What did the government do after the 2004 tsunami?

Immediately after the tsunami struck, the Australian Government activated its emergency response mechanisms and committed an initial $60 million in the first week for humanitarian assistance. Australia’s total humanitarian contribution was later boosted to $69.6 million: $34.4 million for Indonesia.

What are the steps taken by the Government after tsunami?

Drop, Cover, then Hold On. Get to high ground as far inland as possible. Be alert to signs of a tsunami, such as a sudden rise or draining of ocean waters. Listen to emergency information and alerts.

When did tsunami occur in Mumbai?

2004 December 26
Field surveys and numerical modelling of the 2004 December 26 Indian Ocean tsunami in the area of Mumbai, west coast of India.

Does Mumbai have earthquakes?

The city is highly vulnerable to disasters and experiences both natural and man-made disasters on regular intervals. The city has experienced at over 25 earthquakes with intensity of IV or greater during the last 400 years; however, the city has not experienced a devastating earthquake during this period.