What did William Dean Howells do?

William Dean Howells, (born March 1, 1837, Martins Ferry, Ohio, U.S.—died May 11, 1920, New York City), U.S. novelist and critic, the dean of late 19th-century American letters, the champion of literary realism, and the close friend and adviser of Mark Twain and Henry James.

What did William Dean Howells write about?

In 1860 Howells wrote Abraham Lincoln’s campaign biography Life of Abraham Lincoln and subsequently gained a consulship in Venice. He married Elinor Mead on Christmas Eve 1862 at the American embassy in Paris.

What is William Dean Howells Editha?

“Editha” is a story about a manipulative woman named Editha Balcom and her suitor, George Gearson. The plot of this story is focused on a war and whether or not George will join the fight. He is conflicted between his pacifist nature and social conditioning and what he knows Editha wishes for him to do.

What the American public always wants is a tragedy with a happy ending?

What the American public wants is a tragedy with a happy ending. With the years that perished to make us men. The wrecks of slavery are fast growing a fungus crop of sentiment. The life of Christ, it wasn’t only in healing the sick and going about to do good; it was suffering for the sins of others.

Did William Dean Howells fight in civil war?

Though Howells saw many friends marching off to fight in the Civil War, he had little interest in joining them. He had applied for a diplomatic appointment and was finally given Venice.

Who is the greatest champion of realism?

Honoré de Balzac (1799–1850) is the most prominent representative of 19th-century realism in fiction through the inclusion of specific detail and recurring characters.

What is the message of Editha?

The themes of “Editha” include war, media, and patriotism. War is a major theme in the story and the impetus of the events that take place. The story is set during the Spanish–American War, and the characters all have different perspectives and opinions on it.

What kind of character is Editha?

She is idealistic, determined, and partial to militaristic ideals. She believes that a hero must never retreat from conflict. Editha also harbors unrealistic expectations. In the story, she expects her fiance to fight, but she will admit no part in influencing his decision.

Who was known as the father of realism?

Henrik Ibsen
Henrik Ibsen was a Norwegian playwright in the 19th century who became well-known throughout the world for his significant influence on decades of authors and playwrights after him. Considered the father of realism, he holds a place in history as a founder of modernism in theatrical works.

How does Editha show realism?

Editha is one of his short stories, which exemplifies literary realism by telling the true nature of how people are exploited through the romance of war and patriotism. First of all, the author depicts two main characters, Editha and George, as ordinary people from the middle class.

What is the climax of Editha?

Immediately, George is killed. Facing the climax of the story, Editha grieves as long as she thinks she should. Then, she remembers her promise. Along with her father, Editha travels by train to Arizona to console George’s mother.