What does double cab mean on GMC?

The primary difference between a Crew Cab and a Double Cab is the size. The Double Cab, also known as an Extended Cab, is actually smaller than the Crew Cab. The Double Cab is tighter and the Crew Cab gives ample room for passengers or extra luggage and gear you need to bring along.

Does GMC make a double cab?

If instead you’re interested in the Double Cab, your only option will be the Standard Box. The Long Box is only available on this model if you choose the Regular Cab.

What is the difference between GMC Sierra Crew Cab and Double Cab?

How Is a Crew Cab Different From a Double Cab? The main difference between a double cab and a crew cab is the size. You might be surprised to learn that despite also being called an extended cab, a double cab is smaller than a crew cab.

Does GMC Sierra come in Double Cab?

The weight of passengers, cargo and options or accessories may reduce the amount you can tow. Sierra’s 12,500-lb rating requires Sierra Double Cab or Crew Cab Short box 2wd with 6.2L EcoTec3 V8 engine and NHT Max Trailering Package.

Whats the difference in a Crew Cab and double cab?

When it comes to a crew cab vs. double cab, the difference is their size. The double cab, or extended cab, is smaller and lighter than the crew cab. With the crew cab, you have plenty of room for your passengers or extra luggage for spontaneous weekend getaways.

What is the difference between regular crew and double cab?

The difference between the double cab and the crew cab is size. The double cab, which is also called an extended cab, seats a row of passengers inside a truck. A crew cab has two full doors that have room of usually five passengers.

Does GMC make a 2 door truck?

But those who still want a simple truck can rejoice because Chevrolet and GMC have confirmed that the refreshed 2022 Silverado and Sierra will be available as two-door, regular cab models with a standard bed.

Whats the difference in a Crew Cab and Double Cab?

Which is larger Crew Cab or Double Cab?

The double cab truck is bigger than an extended cab but smaller than a crew cab. Just like the crew cab, double cab trucks offer front-hinging regular doors and two rows of seats.

Which is bigger a crew cab or double cab?

How much smaller is a double cab than a crew cab?

Double-cab riders will find rear headroom measuring 39.88 inches and legroom measuring 35.24 inches. Those dimensions will seat most adults comfortably. The crew cab is a bit bigger—built for the “whole crew”—and it offers rear headroom measuring 40.12 inches and legroom measuring 43.40 inches.