What does Dsst mean in Denver?

Denver School of Science and Technology
The Denver School of Science and Technology (DSST) network, serving a student body that mostly reflects the racial and socioeconomic enrollment of Denver Public Schools, was established as a single school in 2004, with the vision to be intentionally diverse and resist tracking students into different courses.

What is the best Dsst school?

DSST: Stapleton High School is ranked #192 in the National Rankings. Schools are ranked on their performance on state-required tests, graduation and how well they prepare students for college.

Are Dsst schools charter schools in Colorado?

We are an open enrollment network of charter schools in the Denver metro region. DSST is a sought-after destination for educators worldwide.

Is Dsst Byers a charter school?

Dsst: Byers Middle School is a charter school located in Denver, CO, which is in a large city setting. The student population of Dsst: Byers Middle School is 482 and the school serves 6-8.

What is the difference between DSST and CLEP?

How are they different? One key difference—CLEP exams take 90 minutes and DSST exams take 2 hours. CLEP exam credit is accepted at over 2,900 schools; over 1,900 schools accept credit for DSST exams. Contact your counselor to check if you’ll get credit for the exams you plan to take.

Is Dsst part of Denver Public Schools?

DSST Public Schools (DSST) operates a network of tuition-free, open-enrollment STEM charter schools. All DSST Public schools are part of the Denver Public Schools (DPS) district and students are admitted through DPS’ School Choice program.

Is DSST easier than CLEP?

In my opinion, generally the CLEPs I’ve taken were easier than the DSSTs I’ve taken. However, I would say that the hardest test I’ve done was the College Math CLEP (that’s primarily because I stink at math though).

Can civilians take DSST?

While DSST exams were traditionally taken by military members who wanted to earn their degree, they are now open to anyone who wants to receive college credit.

What does Dsst stand for?


Acronym Definition
DSST DANTES Subject Standardized Test
DSST Dunlop Self-Supporting Technology (Dunlop Tires)
DSST Deutsche Stiftung Sail Training (German: German Sail Training Foundation)
DSST Different Strokes Swim Team (San Diego, CA)

Is DSST only for military?

DSST tests at one time used to be only for military personnel—now it is available to everyone! Whether you’re a new or a returning student, DSST tests can help you: Earn 4.5 college credits for each passing test.

How much does a DSST exam cost?

What is the Cost? The cost of each DSST test is $85.00 (not including testing center/proctor fees) but check the DSST website for discounts which are given often.

How many schools are in Denver’s DSST?

By 2024-25, DSST is slated to consist of twenty-two schools on eleven campuses, with eighteen schools focused on STEM and four focused on the humanities, enrolling 10,500 students, or a quarter of Denver’s secondary school population.

Are DSST schools in Denver and Aurora closed on Jan 6 2022?

UPDATE: Due to severe weather conditions, all DSST schools in Denver and Aurora will be closed on Thursday, Jan. 6, 2022. This includes after-school and athletic activities.

What is DSST?

We are an open enrollment network of charter schools in the Denver metro region. DSST is a sought-after destination for educators worldwide. Make a real difference to kids in our local community and across the nation.

Why choose DSST Public Schools?

At DSST Public Schools, we believe that who you will become is just as important as what you will accomplish. That’s why we focus on character development and rigorous academics in equal measure. So our graduates are ready to become the best versions of themselves — in college, careers and in life. We made it!