What does it mean step out of line?

to disobey rules
Definition of step out of line informal. : to disobey rules or behave badly If you step out of line, you’ll get kicked off the bus.

How do you use out of line?

Out of line: meaning and usage

  1. Bill, that remark was out of line.
  2. The prices during the festival were out of line!
  3. That price seems way out of line with other repairmen I’ve dealt with.
  4. The cost of this meal is out of line with what other restaurants charge.
  5. This set of figures was sharply out of line with the trend.

Could this be out of line meaning?

[spoken] to be completely wrong to say or do a particular thing.

What is another word for out of line?

Similar words for out-of-line: disorderly (adjective) disrespectful (adjective) disruptive (adjective) insolent (adjective)

What does cross the line mean?

Definition of cross the line : to go beyond what is proper or acceptable Her criticism crossed the line from helpful to just plain hurtful. The magazine crossed the line when they printed the nude photos.

What does step out in style meaning?

[Also VERB PARTICLE] 2. phrasal verb. If someone steps out, they appear in public, especially wearing particular clothes or with a particular boyfriend or girlfriend. [journalism, informal]

What is a step out in business?

Step-out trading is the execution of a large order by several brokerage firms that are each assigned portions of the trade by another brokerage firm. In step-out trading, one brokerage executes a large order and then gives other brokerages credits or commissions for the share of the trade that it executes.

What do you call someone who is out of line?

synonyms for out-of-line disrespectful. bold. brazen. abusive. arrogant.

What does beyond the line mean?

1. Beyond what is considered appropriate or acceptable. I know that it was a heated conversation, but you said a few things that were way too far over the line.

What is another word for unaligned?

What is another word for unaligned?

neutral non-aligned
indifferent uncommitted
dispassionate impersonal
fair-minded clinical
disinterested nonpartisan

What’s a word for Out of place?

What is another word for out of place?

amiss graceless
unbecoming unfit
unhappy unseemly
unsuitable untoward
wrong misplaced

What is another word for step out of line?

To fail to obey a rule, law or command:break, defy, disobey… Definition and synonyms of step out of line from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.

What does it mean to step out of line with police?

COMMON If someone steps out of line, they do something that they should not do or they behave in an unacceptable way. The Police Services Commission should be tougher with officers who step out of line. Our values and traditions were accepted and agreed by everyone. If you stepped out of line, you knew what to expect.

How do you use stepping on Your Toes in a sentence?

stepping on my toes stepping on our toes stepping on somebody’s toes stepping on the gas stepping on the gas stepping on the gas stepping on the gas stepping on the gas stepping on the gas stepping on their toes stepping on toes stepping on toes stepping on toes stepping on toes stepping on your toes Stepping Out Stepping Out Stepping Out