What frequency is LBC radio on?

97.3 MHz

Frequency DAB: 11D Digital One DAB+: 6C DigiB (Malta) FM 97.3 MHz London Freesat: 734 Freeview: 732 Sky (UK only): 0124 TalkTalk TV: 627 Virgin Media: 919
Format Talk radio

What is the phone number for LBC radio?

0333 200 2000
‘ button on the screen or you can email [email protected] If you prefer to speak to us – the team are here to help on 0333 200 2000, or you can contact them via Twitter at @GlobalSupport.

Is LBC radio App Free?

download now, all for free It’s available on your smart speaker (e.g. “play Capital”), iOS or Android device and at globalplayer.com Just sign in and enjoy!

Is LBC on Internet radio?

How do I listen online? To listen online, just click the red Listen Live icon at the top middle of your screen. This will launch the LBC 97.3FM stream in the UK Radio Player.

How do I tune my DAB to LBC?

Listen to LBC on DAB Digital Radio You don’t need to know any numbers: just tune it in, by name. Your set is a DAB Digital Radio if it has a DAB logo on it somewhere, or if it receives BBC Radio 6 Music. You should find this station on there too, if you’re in the transmission area.

What dies LBC stand for?

John Plunkett. @johnplunkett149. Tue 3 Apr 2007 06.17 EDT. For 34 years LBC has stood for “London Broadcasting Company”. Now London cabbies’ favourite talk radio station is changing its name to “London’s Biggest Conversation”.

Is Steve Allen?

Stephen Allen (born 17 March 1954) is an English radio presenter. He hosts the early morning breakfast show on LBC and is the station’s longest-serving presenter….Steve Allen (radio presenter)

Steve Allen
Born 17 March 1954 Bromley, Kent, England
Occupation Television presenter, radio presenter

How do I complain about LBC radio?

COMMENT OR COMPLAIN ABOUT THE STATION If you would like to comment or make a complaint about LBC, please email [email protected], or call 0333 200 2000 (Monday to Friday 8am to 7pm) providing details of your comment or complaint, and our programming team will help with your enquiry.

Does LBC have an app?

LBC Connect is your one-stop app for everything LBC Express. For moving your packages, benta, and pera, all you will need is here – so you can move anything wherever you are, whenever you need it. You can book a pickup or process your package drop-off, send your products, and remit money all within this app!

How do I listen to LBC on my computer?

1. Listen to LBC Online. On the LBC website click the white “Listen” button on the top left of every page on LBC.co.uk to be taken to Global Player. You can also listen to LBC News by clicking on the top right “Listen” button.