What happens Lost Season 1 episode 4?

“Walkabout” is the fourth episode of Season 1 of Lost. As food supplies run low, John Locke emerges as the hunter after the survivors learn there are wild boars near camp. Meanwhile, the survivors realize that they must somehow get rid of the rotting bodies from the fuselage.

What does Locke see in Lost episode 4?

Locke sees his wheelchair in the fire and smiles.

How was Locke paralyzed?

After a struggle, he pushed Locke out of a window eight stories high. Locke hit the ground, where he was soon touched by the mysterious island inhabitant Jacob (Mark Pellegrino). Locke survived the fall but suffered a broken back, an injury that left him in a wheelchair.

What did Locke see in Lost?

In the episode where Eko dies, “The Cost of Living” in Season 3, Locke finds out that Eko has seen the Monster. Locke tells him that he’s seen it too: “It was a very bright light.

Who stole the water in Lost?

Charlie catches Boone giving water to an unconscious Claire. Boone admits that he stole the water in an attempt to take responsibility for its rationing.

How can John Locke walk?

Locke grew up in foster care, but later in life, he met his father, who conned him into giving him his kidney under false pretenses of love, ruined his relationship with his girlfriend, and finally pushed him out of a window, breaking his back and confining him to a wheelchair.

Do we ever see the monster in Lost?

In the first episode of season 6, “LA X”, it is revealed that the “Locke”, with whom Ben is traveling back to the island, has become The Monster, an incarnation of Jacob’s nemesis. It appears in the remains of the statue of Taweret and kills five people.

Who drowned in Lost Season 1?

Charlie Pace The words “not Penny’s boat” are still burned into our memories from one of Lost’s most painfully tragic deaths. Charlie Pace drowned after successfully turning off the signal blocker that was stopping transmissions in and out of the island.