What inventions came out 2013?

Top 100 Inventions in 2013

  • Perfectly Straight Scissors. The ‘Linear Scissors’ Let You Rapidly Cut Immaculate Lines.
  • Innovative Hollow Handsets.
  • Clever Cable Grabbers.
  • Digital Store Scanners.
  • Cutting-Edge Thread Printers.
  • Eyesight-Activated Dresses.
  • Computer-Synced Chronometers.
  • Wrist-Worn Cooking Companions.

What technology was out in 2013?

This year marked the first time Sony and Microsoft released new video game consoles in more than seven years. Sony came out with the Playstation 4, and Microsoft launched the Xbox One.

What has been invented in the last 13 years?

As 2019 comes to a close, here’s a look back at some of the best and most important inventions of the decade.

  1. ​Google Assistant.
  2. Crispr.
  3. SpaceX’s Reusable Rocket.
  4. ​Venmo.
  5. Nest Thermostat.
  6. iPad.
  7. The ​Self-Driving Car.
  8. Consumer LED Light Bulb.

What was invented in 2005?

Many weird and wonderful new gadgets, gizmos and inventions were revealed in 2005. Autonomous cars, robotic assistants and nano-circuitry provided a bright view of the future, while cellphone viruses, virtual crime sprees and “non-lethal” crowd control weapons hinted at technological troubles ahead.

What was invented in 2009?

The Best Inventions

  • The Best Invention of the Year: NASA’s Ares Rockets.
  • The Tank-Bred Tuna.
  • The $10 Million Lightbulb.
  • The Smart Thermostat.
  • Controller-Free Gaming.
  • Teleportation.
  • The Telescope for Invisible Stars.
  • The AIDS Vaccine.

What are some of the most amazing inventions of 2013?

With advancements in technology making greater leaps and bounds every year, 2013 was filled with some of the amazing inventions Of 2013 to ever be imagined by mankind. Here are 10 such amazing technological feats that stood out. 3-D printing has been around for quite some time now, but the 3Doodler is the world’s first 3-D printing pen.

What were the biggest tech accomplishments of 2013?

Google Glass is probably the most notable tech achievement of 2013. With this gadget, sci-fi has become reality and users can take pictures, make videos and access the internet without even having to reach into their pockets. This wearable technology is a big leap forward.

What inventions will change the gaming industry in 2013?

The Rift includes a 1920×1080 7-inch 3-D display and many game developers are giving support for it. An amazing inventions of 2013 that can change the gaming industries. Made by Deciwatt, the GravityLight is a device which uses the force of gravity to create light.