What is 8014 mos USMC?

Note 1: MOS 8014 = Any enlisted Marine MOS can fill the billet unless notes say otherwise. MOS 8006 & 8007 = Any unrestricted Commissioned officer MOS can fill the billet unless notes say otherwise.

What Mos is Marine Band?

MOS 5511
MOS 5511 is assigned to musicians who are enlisted “for duty with the United States Marine Band only.” They are appointed to the grade of Staff Sergeant upon their initial 4-year enlistment.

How do you become a band in the Marines?

To qualify for the MEOP, recruits must first audition and qualify for the music program. Once qualified, your recruiter will prepare you for recruit training, either by passing the Initial Strength Test (IST) or entering the Delayed Entry Program and passing the IST at a later date.

Is it hard to get into the Marine band?

Out of 180,000 Marines currently serving, only 600 are musicians. In fact, to become a musician in the Marine Corps, recruits go through an extensive audition process and extra schooling. It’s Staff Sergeant Mark Pellon, 12th Marine Corps District Placement Director, that they must impress first.

What is the MOS list for the Marine Corps?

Marine Corps MOS List MOS Name Rank 0220 Surveillance Sensor Officer Officer 0220 Surveillance sensor officers supervise t Warrant Officer 0231 Intelligence Specialist Enlisted 0241 Imagery Analysis Specialist Enlisted

What is the Marine Band?

Founded in 1798 by an Act of Congress, the Marine Band is America’s oldest continuously active professional musical organization. Read more about upcoming holiday concerts Dec. 18 & 19.

What is a billet MOS in the Navy?

They exist solely to capture skills and training that meet Department of Navy and Department of Defense reporting requirements. Billet MOSs ( BMOS) – The MOS listed on USMC T/Os for each billet within the organization, usually PMOS, but also NMOS, FMOS, EMOS, or Billet Designators.

What is a free MOS in the Navy?

A Free MOS requires skill sets unrelated to primary skills. Exception (EMOS) – Non-PMOS that is generally a FMOS, but includes exceptions that require a PMOS. Reporting MOSs and billet designators are special MOSs: Reporting MOSs – designated in the 90XX OccFld, but are not found on any USMC T/O as a requirement to fill any billet.