What is 97 liner mean in K-pop?

Age Line. This refers to idols born in the same year. For example: BTS’ Jungkook and GOT7’s Yugyeom are both ’97 liners.

Who is the 1st K-pop idol?

If you ask anyone familiar with K-pop history who the first idol group was, chances are they’ll say Seo Taiji and Boys. While Seo Taiji and Boys are largely responsible for popularizing the K-pop idol group concept, SoBangCha (who are No. 1 on this list) set the stage for all the groups that came after.

What is the meaning of 08 liner?

The term “liner” usually means the year you were born. For example, Jimin & Taehyung (BTS) are 95 liners because they were born in 1995. Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana (TWICE) 96 liners because they were born in 1996.

What is a 99 liner in K-pop?

Here you can see all K-Pop idols in the database that were born in 1999 (Kpop ’99 liners).

What is J line in K-pop?

The “J” Line is an unofficial subunit of the South Korean Boy Group NCT made by fans. It consists of 6 members, Johnny, Jaehyun, Jungwoo, Jeno, Jaemin and Jisung as all of their names start with the letter “J”.

What is a 02 liner?

In South Korea, people are considered adults when they turn 19 years old, or 20 years old in Korean age. These famous 2002 liners are no longer kids; they are full-fledged adults who are making their names known in the industry! Here are 9 famous ’02 idols.

Is there any Indian K-pop?

Know all about the first K-pop idols of Indian origin, Priyanka Mazumdar and Siddhant Arora, from the Korean pop bands Z-Girls and Z-Boys. With the emergence of K-pop across the world, bands are BTS, BLACKPINK, Red Velvet, Aespa and more are taking over the global music charts.

What is a 95 liner?

95 Line. Simply means they were born in the year 1995.

What is J line in Kpop?

Who is TWICE J line?

J-Trinity (Momo, Sana and Mina) is the friendship between the Japanese trio. The J in J-Trinity is the short form for Japanese, therefore J-Trinity means the Japanese trinity.